Baby Carriers for Shopping

Baby Carriers for Shopping

While braving the malls during the Christmas shopping season, I was armed with a baby carrier. I got many comments, such as, “Gosh, doesn’t that hurt your back?”  They must be thinking that all baby carriers are created equal, because my baby carrier was designed just for my back and my baby’s hips and spine. The baby carrier I was adorning (that caught so much attention while out shopping) was a Mei Tai style carrier and it was heavenly.

Not only did I not have to push around a stroller, which from what I can tell are designed solely to suit the ergonomic needs of a person 5’7.321 inches tall, but I also did not have to carry my baby in a detachable car seat that pretends to also be an infant carrier.  Now, these things are a total joke.  So, for added convenience, you can simply unsnap the car seat from the base, and… voila! You have an instant carrier that weighs a gabillion© pounds, will bang against your leg with every step, will increase your chiropractic bill by 300%, and will keep you adequately detached from your baby.


You can use a wonderful baby carrier that takes less than a minute to tie on, and will provide you will the comfort of knowing people can’t touch your baby with their germy-money-and-flu-season-mouth touching-fingers without you knowing about it. It will also help you from getting stressed out at the mall because it’s really quite hard to stress when your gorgeous little baby is resting soundly and breathing deeply against your chest, with their little butts encompassed by the padded carrier situated perfectly for your hands to pat at will. As a bonus feature, with a well made baby carrier, you’re hands free. That means you will have… count ‘em… TWO hands to carry bags, go through your purse, browse through racks and bins of merchandise, resituate your pants, blow your nose, wash your hands (in that order please) or do whatever else your two hands desire.

…and the entire time…

Your back will thank you.


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  1. i love my sling i use it all the time. my baby is an arm baby went threw the phase where i couldnt put her down even if she was totally asleep. it totally saved my sanity and my house work at that! i always give one to every new mom in which every one looks at me like ummmmm… but they always end up loving theres too!

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