New Classifieds Listings Arena Made Specifically For Us!

New Classifieds Listings Arena Made Specifically For Us!

Everything Birth thinks of, well… everything. Not only have they brought us a free community forum (where we can swap stories and information,) a fabulous consulting program where we can earn money by doing what we already do (spread the word about the benefits of cloth diapering,) an Amazon links page (so we can easily find the best prices on items they don’t carry, but we love,) a medical supply store specializing in midwife and birth supplies, and this regularly updated blog, but now… now they have created:

Birth Depot is a free classifieds listings arena made just for us by the people at Everything Birth. On it, we can easily:

  • Register as a member very simply!
  • Start listing our items within minutes of registration.
  • Manage our ads from a personal “dashboard.”
  • Easily upload photos of our items.

We get to do all of this… FOR FREE.

The pregnancy, birth and early motherhood market is a very specialized market. Birth Depot is a safe, comfortable, easy to maneuver place for us to buy and sell products of interest without having to sift through ads of less consequence to us. We can:


  • Buy or sell midwifery and birthing supplies
  • Buy or sell used cloth diapers
  • Buy or sell baby gear
  • Buy or sell birth, pregnancy or infant related books and DVDs
  • Buy or sell maternity and baby clothes

Sure there’re other places online where you can place classified ads.

On the largest classifieds site, I have been highly disappointed while searching for baby gear, when I stumble across an ad promoting “adult services.”  Ever since they eliminated that category, the ads haven’t gone away; they just show up in other places.  Depending on where I’m at in my monthly cycle, I either get mildly annoyed or I become highly enraged at the infidelity that is clearly attempting to happen while I try to buy a few gently used cloth diapers.

On another classifieds site, you don’t have to worry about this, but you do have to invest a bunch of time building up relationships within the forum before you are even allowed to sell or trade an item. While we understand the reasons behind this, we also know that some of us don’t make a habit out of buying and selling items, so a complicated registration and “getting to know you” period just isn’t convenient.  So we end up just not doing it. Those of us that don’t have this kind of time or interest used to sell our cloth diapers on eBay, but then eBay decided cloth diapers are unpleasant, so we were left with very little options.

Now, thanks to the rad people at Everything Birth, we have the perfect solution.  I’ve also got to add, it feels comforting to me knowing that this new classifieds listing forum is was created by a company that has continually and pleasantly  shocked me with their high standard of business ethics, non-judgmental outlook on parenting, dedication to children and midwifery, and responsible lifestyles.

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