Meet Diaper Parties' Traci Orzeck

On Everything Birth’s free online forum for moms, I had the pleasure of virtually meeting some of the Diaper Parties’ representatives.  The forum is open to anyone interested in any of the areas of natural parenting, but many of the Diaper Parties’ representatives congregate in this forum just to chit chat. They usually have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer other women, so I really like chatting with these women.

Every couple of weeks, I want to spotlight one of the Diaper Parties’ representatives so that you can get a better feel of the support system available to you if you ever wanted to join them to spread the word about cloth diapers.

Traci Orzeck is a representative that covers the Augusta, Georgia area (including Fort Gordon.) Traci is part of a military family. A former military child herself, she met her husband when they were serving in the same company and living in the same barracks almost five years ago. Because of her history in the military, she has moved around a lot and starts to get antsy every couple of years in one place. So far, she has also lived in Washington, AZ, VA, OH, NC, TX, FL, MD, VA, and SC.

When I asked her what first got her interested in this style of parenting, I was delighted that she responded, “I don’t know which style you are referring to. I’m not any one style. I just do what feels right and hope it all goes smoothly.”  That’s one of the things I like most about the women in the Everything Birth Community. Pretenses don’t really exist there.  They are a bunch of moms doing the best they can, when they can. It’s inspiring and also comfortable.

Traci has kept her parties on the small side, which is often far more comfortable and the women end up learning more that way. A party with six women attending will usually gross about $300-$500 in diaper sales. The thing she enjoys best about them is watching the reactions from the women as they learn just how fun and stylish today’s cloth diapers are. Her personal favorite diapers are the bumGenius and the Flip diapers.


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