Meet Diaper Parties' Sara Hughes

On Everything Birth’s free online forum for moms, I had the pleasure of virtually meeting some of the Diaper Parties’ representatives.  The forum is open to anyone interested in any of the areas of natural parenting, but many of the Diaper Parties’ representatives congregate in this forum just to chit chat. They usually have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer other women, so I really like chatting with these women.

Every couple of weeks, I spotlight one of the Diaper Parties’ representatives so that you can get a better feel of the support system available to you if you ever wanted to join them to spread the word about cloth diapers.

Sara Hughes covers the Northern IL & Southern WI territory for Diaper Parties by Everything Birth. Sara’s largest sale was $600 on an individual consultation!  This wasn’t even in a party, just a private consultation.

Sara is married and is raising one daughter. She was turned on to cloth diapers by her best friend from high school who had been using them on her own child before Sara’s daughter, Juliana, was born. It was the cuteness of the diapers that first appealed to her. Now though, her favorite product that she sells is the Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion.

When I asked Sara what her favorite moments of motherhood were, she endearingly answered, “Oh they just keep getting better. The night-time snuggles when J wants to cuddle in and nurse, the shrieks of laughter when you blow raspberries on her neck, how she crawls over just to hold onto me while she plays with a toy in her other hand… I could go on. Being a mom changed me and really made me slow down with life to cherish the small things. I’ve learned a lot of patience being an AP mom but I’ve also learned to love more than I ever knew I’d have the ability to.”


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