Meet Diaper Parties' Rachel Hall

On Everything Birth’s free online forum for moms, I had the pleasure of virtually meeting some of the Diaper Parties’ representatives.  The forum is open to anyone interested in any of the areas of natural parenting, but many of the Diaper Parties’ representatives congregate in this forum just to chit chat. They usually have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer other women, so I really like chatting with these women.

Every couple of weeks, I spotlight one of the Diaper Parties’ representatives so that you can get a better feel of the support system available to you if you ever wanted to join them to spread the word about cloth diapers.

Rachel Hall is a Diaper Parties representative covering the West Virginia, Huntington and Charleston territory. Rachel’s passion for taking care of the planet really blossomed while she lived in Hawaii. It made her appreciate the glorious beauty of our earth.  When she moved back home to West Virginia though, that feeling carried with her and she saw her homeland in a new and more precious light, well worth preserving.

Rachel is also a freelance reporter for The Herald-Dispatch and Tri-State Family Magazine in Huntington, West Virginia. In her work as a Diaper Parties Representative however, her largest party managed to gross $800! While she primarily uses the bumGenius diapers, she’s basically in love with the Bamboo Baby diapers and hopes to add some of those to her stash soon. She says that at a Diaper Parties party, people always ask about poop, and she is relieved that she can introduce them to the Cloth Diaper Mini-Shower, which generally puts their minds at ease so they can move on to how adorable today’s modern cloth diapers really are.

In the morning, she can hear her daughter’s footsteps as she sneaks in to cuddle and those are Rachels most cherished motherhood moments. Her daughter, Faithanna, she says, is always so sweet in the morning.


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