What happens when you marry Weekly Coupons & Monthly Giveaways?

Everything Birth (in order to make its social networking profiles on Facebook, Twitter and its blog more exciting) started Monthly giveaways just a couple of months ago. Everything Birth also knows that its social networking followers have enjoyed the weekly coupons. They were something new to look forward to each and every week.

Since getting free stuff is more fun than just getting coupons and weekly games are more fun than monthly games… Everything Birth has decided to marry the two concepts into a new “Weekly Giveaway.”

Everything Birth understands that some people like to read the blog, some people like to follow on Facebook, and some people like to Tweet. That is why Everything Birth is extending this giveaway across the board. You can earn entries on all of these mediums or, you can just pick your favorite one and keep it simple.

Each week, you can earn up to four entries for the Giveaway. These tasks are simple and won’t require you begging your friends (and strangers) for votes. They rely simply on your own minimal effort. A few moments of your time each week will get you entered to win some really cool cloth diaper themed prizes.

One cloth diapering item will be given away weekly. The diapering item we will be giving away will be announced Sunday evening on our blog, our Facebook page, and on Twitter.

You will have from Monday at 12AM EST until Thursday at 11:59PM EST to get your entries submitted. You will have to follow the rules, which in my opinion are just about the simplest rules on the net to win free awesome stuff.  

I do expect these Giveaways to gain in momentum over the coming weeks, so these early few Giveaways will bring you your best chances of winning. So, don’t miss out on these early Giveaways. 

The first Weekly Giveaway will be announced this Sunday, so keep a lookout for it. If you lose track, you can always check in on the Weekly Giveaways page on Everything Birth’s Webpage.  It will have links to that week’s Giveaway. There, you will also find the complete rules.

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