Buying Gently Used Cloth Diapers

It’s really not a big deal: buying gently used cloth diapers.  Most of us think nothing of brand new clothes straight off the factory line from China that were handled in even the most disgusting of environments.  We don’t think too much about all of the people that come into contact with new clothes, even at the store… touching them, trying them on. We just wash them first.  Right? Don’t we always wash (at least our children’s) clothes before we put them in the dresser or closet? Besides, a hot wash and about ten drops of oil of oregano in the rinse and no germs will be able to survive anyway.

For many of us, one of the biggest reasons we cloth diaper is cost savings in today’s economy. Purchasing gently used cloth diapers can cut our cloth diapering costs in half as well as give us an inexpensive way to “sample” different kinds of cloth diapers.

When purchasing gently used cloth diapers though, you will want to either purchase from a trusted source like Everything Birth’s Gently Used Cloth Diapers section, or you will want to take the following steps to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

  • Ask the seller to provide photos of the diapers.
  • Specifically ask the seller if there are any missing snaps or if the Velcro is in good condition.
  • Ask the seller about the condition of the leg casings.
  • Ask the seller about any bleach use. (If they used bleach more than once or twice, you will not want to purchase from them.)
  • Ask the seller about fabric softener use. (If they used fabric softener, you can still buy these, but you should know that stripping will most likely be imperative to avoid repelling from the fleece.)
  • Ask the seller about dryer use. (If the diapers have been dried in the dryer on heat more than once or twice, you risk having no waterproofing left in the PUL layer, and I would look to another seller.)
  • If you are buying covers or pocket diapers, find out if inserts are included. Otherwise you may not be getting the deal you anticipated.

In general, most gently used cloth diaper sellers are very upfront with the condition of their diapers. Most moms have an internet reputation they have to live up to and cheating another mom is something that is hard to recover from in the online mommy world. Most moms use their own pictures and names, so they are more accountable than sellers of other products online. Even still, it’s good to know the right questions to ask.


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