Times When Non-Cloth Diapering Moms Should Use Cloth Diapers

Even if a mom chooses to not use cloth diapers, she should still have a few on hand. There are a few situations that call for cloth diapers. I’ve often given cloth to a new mom at a baby shower, with a note attached explaining that even though I understand her decision to use disposables, I thought it’d be a good idea to have a few cloth diapers on hand and rather than have my friends get stupid cloth diapers from

Baptism Christening Diaper

Walmart, I want them to have nice ones.

Birth Photos

I think every new baby should have one small cloth diaper for that first photo.  Everyone likes to show their new babies adorable little body features off.  A newborn’s little tufts of down like lanugo still left on their shoulders… their little armpit creases that will fill in with baby fat in a matter of just days… their tiny umbilical cord that will only remain for another week… These are the precious images that new moms like to capture on camera to show the world. The best way to detract from a newborns sheer beauty is a disposable diaper with cartoon characters on it and paper leg casings. That’s why I like to suggest a newborn sized, plain, cloth diaper be available to moms that first day. Nothing should distract the eye from a new baby’s precious perfection. My favorite diaper for this occasion is the “lil joey” newborn diaper in a muted color like powder, tulip, or white.

Baptisms/ Christenings

Depending on the church, some babies are required to be wearing only white for theirBaptism Christening Outfits Diaper Gown baptism or christening ceremony. During most baptisms a baby is placed into holy water with no gown on, only a diaper and that diaper is required to be white.  Here’s a situation that brings up two points.

  1. This is another photo op that you don’t want ruined by Elmo and Big Bird hanging out in the picture with your little angel via your baby’s diapers.
  2. You go through all of the effort to by the perfect gown for this meaningful occasion, you will find that choosing a well-made, lovely, white cloth diaper will demonstrate the proper respect that a baptism or christening should be given. You will feel good about your choice to think about the small details that will set the tone for your baby’s introduction into your faith.

A lovely white small Perfect Size Fuzzi Bunz or an adorable “lil joey” newborn diaper is the perfect choice for this occasion.

Diaper Rash

There will be times when your baby will get diaper rash, and luckily for you, this whole huge main-steaming of cloth diapers by way of the introduction of the pocket diaper was actually started by a mom who found no other way of controlling her child’s awful diaper rash.  A pocket diaper, even if just worn overnight during those times when your baby has diaper rash will help the skin heal. The perfect diaper for helping to cure diaper rash is the diaper that sky rocketed cloth diapers into the modern world, the Fuzzi Bunz brand cloth diaper.

Be prepared though, often all it takes is one sampling of the glorious comfort that cloth diapers can offer, before another cloth diapering mom is created!


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