Weekly Giveaway: Best Bottoms Shell and Soaker!

This week, we are giving away a Best Bottoms Shell and Soaker. This is new to our stock and we’re already in love with them.  I will start with the only downside to these diapers that I can find. If you have a big baby, the rise on these is a little less than with other shells.  The rise is more like a disposable diaper’s would be. This is the only real con. And this con also works to our advantage when we’re talking about a new baby. Even though it might be a little on the short side at the end of diapering, it is even better suited for the beginning of diapering.

I have to admit, I think it’s adorable seeing a newborn in a diaper that goes up to her chest, but I think that it may be that I’m just happy about how obvious their tininess is more than anything. Babies are adorable no matter what, and in Best Bottom Diapers, they achieve a perfect fit.

Best Bottom Diapers are fast drying, very absorbent, trim and cost effective. You don’t have to stuff them, you just snap them in. That makes washing a breeze and setting up the diaper easy too. Just like with other covers, you do not have to wash them if the shell isn’t soiled. Basically, you’d want to purchase as many shells as your baby poops each day.  For breastfeeding moms, that usually will equate to 8 for a new born. That saves you even more money. You don’t change the shell if the baby pees like you do with an all-in-one or a pocket diaper.

Another thing that is very effective in the Best Bottom Shells is the extra gussets at the legs. They mention that this functions to keep the poop in, but even more than that, it functions to keep the poop in and away from the main gussets. Often in normal diapers the main gussets, or the ones that are right at the more sensitive part of a baby’s legs are the ones that act as the poop barrier. You keep these tighter and when poop runs up against them, you get more irritation. So the Best Bottom Shells’ leg casing design helps keep the super sensitive skin free from irritation. This is one of the biggest pluses in my book.

If you’d like to try to win a Best Bottom Shell and Soaker, please read the rules for our Weekly Giveaway. Remember, the Giveaway is still pretty new, so your chances to win are exceptionally high! Good luck and Have fun!!!

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