Baby Leggings!

cloth diapers baby leggings babylegsAs if cloth diapers weren’t cute enough on their own, there is now a huge accessory market for cloth diapering fashion in baby leggings. There are many different brands to choose. Some women even make their own.  For about the same price as a pair of pants, you can get a pair of leggings made as much for cuteness appeal as for functionality.

Baby leggings like “Babylegs”, “Leggies” and “Agoo Leggings” are the perfect pairing to cloth diapers because they make diaper changing easy and they allow you to show off your adorable cloth diapers. Anyone who has just invested in a set of cloth diapers and painstakingly picked out their favorite colors and styles feels great remorse in covering them up with pants. Lots of parents still use “onesies,” just to keep the baby’s belly from getting chilly, but thankfully, you can still see the beautiful artistry of the cloth diaper peeking out from these.

Baby leggings make it easy to determine if your baby is wet or pull a leg casing away to see if it’s soiled. They also make changing a breeze because you don’t ever remove the leggings during a change. You either simply change the diaper that is being proudly displayed or you unsnap a onesie and change the diaper.

Baby leggings are more comfortable on little girls than tights are, because they allow free range of motion of their legs. (Think panty hose verses a really comfortable pair of thigh highs.) Since many people find it easier not to have their kiddos in pants at home, baby leggings are also really great for protecting our little crawlers’ knees from the roughness of the carpet.

cloth diapers baby leggings babylegsSo, if you’re going to cloth diaper, I highly recommend ordering some leggings to go along with your diapers. You will be glad you did. You will get complimented on them everywhere you go. You will bring more attention to your diapers, which is always good for “passive cloth diapering activism.” Your baby will be very comfortable. These are also really easy for the young toddlers to figure out how to put on. This helps build their confidence and it’s really cute to see.

If you have photos of your baby in baby leggings of any kind (even home-made,) we’d love to see them. You can just find us on Facebook, and upload your pictures to our wall! And remember, every time you put a picture that draws attention to cloth diapers on any social networking site, you are helping to spread awareness and save the environment. Hope to see your pictures soon!

cloth diapers baby leggings babylegs

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