Spring Break and Swim Diapers

Spring Break is right around the corner. Many Americans take this time to go on vacation to some place warm. I know a few families who just take a day or two and have fun at a local hotel with a pool. Whatever your spring break plans are, if they involve swimming, you may want to invest in a pair of swim diapers.

Swim DiapersMy favorite kind of swim diapers are the Mothers-ease Swim Diapers. The come in lots of different prints and three different sizes. The Mothers-ease Swim Diapers are really cool because they’re made from the same kind of fabric that a bathing suit is. That means they don’t trap water inside and weigh your baby down while your little one is learning to swim.  They have snaps that hold up much better than Velcro. They even include an elasticized poop catching net so you don’t get any surprises in the pool or at the beach.

Plan ahead so that your deliver comes with ample room to do your vacation preparatory check list. Don’t forget to check out the new prints that are offered too!

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