Welcoming the new baby into the family's faith.

When a baby is born into a family, they are born into that family’s cultural and religious traditions as well. In many families, a great deal of energy is put into the welcoming a newborn baby into the family’s faith. This is very exciting and often involves the entire religious or spiritual community welcoming this child into their faith.

Choosing white cloth diapers for baptisms and christenings is a growing trend. People find it far more respectful and tasteful to have a white cloth diaper than a diaper with cartoon characters on it. Diapers carried by Everything Birth that fit this description and would work perfectly are:

Fuzzi Bunz:  X-small and One-size
bumGenius:   One-size
Rumparooz:    Lil-joey and One-size
Happy Heinys:  One-size
Bummis Covers:  Newborn
Thirsties Covers:  x-small

I find the welcoming of a new baby into the world exceptionally beautiful.  I learned that in Mexico, at a Bautizo, little girls are often given a silver medal of the Virgin of Guadalupe and little boys are often given wooden crosses for their rooms. The baby to be welcomed at the Bautizo will wear a traditional outfit, called a ropón (which of course would be complimented nicely by one of the above diapers.) After the Bautizo ceremony, the godfather usually throws a bunch of coins (called “bolo”) to the children attending the ceremony and then everybody goes to a breakfast. At breakfast, you will regularly find tamales, beans, eggs, chilaquiles, dessert churros and hot chocolate.

I want to know about your family traditions for welcoming your new baby into your faith. I would love to do some feature blogs about these traditions.  What kind of traditions did you, or will you partake in? If you have any photos, mention on your reply that you will be posting photos and then go and post them on our facebook wall. I want to know about all religious and spiritual baby welcoming traditions. I think it will be fun to learn about the similarities and differences amongst ceremonies!


  1. We are protestant and the only real tradition is infant baptism. I don’t come from a family of infant baptism, but my husband does and it’s very important to him.

    This summer both of our girls will be baptized by their grandfather. I will for sure take some photos and share them if you haven’t written the piece yet.

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