Staph Infections and Babies?

I previously suggested that if a baby my baby wass having a battle with staph infections including MRSA infections that I’d try internal use of oil of oregano mixed in a carrier oil (as a dietary supplement of course.) That was met with some resistance though because women who aren’t fully immersed in natural healing get a little nervous when someone suggests anything being taken internally by their little ones. And I get that. I’ve been there.

The fact of the matter is, I can give the best advice in the world and it’s not going to do anyone any good if they’re too nervous to try it.

I really, really, really want to limit our baby’s exposure to antibiotic creams and medicines though, so it’s my responsibility to offer a non-drug, non-medicated alternative. If something isn’t palatable to all my readers, it’s my job to offer another solution. I don’t want to just help the few hardcore natural health moms, I want to help everyone.

Your baby has a staph infection. You don’t want to give oil of oregano internally and you don’t want to over use tea tree oil. OK. Got it.

I have another drug-free solution, one that I think most of you will be very comfortable with.  If your baby has battled staph infections in the diaper area or anywhere on the skin for that matter, I’d like you to try something else the next time you see an infection creeping up. Give me TWO DAYS… heck, how about you go ahead and schedule that doctors office visit, just in case you’re nervous, but give me ONE DAY to prove to you that you might not need antibiotics.

I want every mom to have on hand at all times a bottle of clove (also known as clove bud) oil and virgin coconut oil. If you see any sign of a skin infection, mix up a little container of 1/4 cup virgin coconut oil and 10 drops of clove oil. If the coconut oil is warm, it will be a liquid and it will be easier to mix it up. Keep this in a little container with a lid. A baby food jar works awesome, or you can use a little Rubbermaid.

Several times during the course of this one day that you’re allotting me to prove myself, apply a layer of this mixture to all sores or inflamed area. One good way to stay on schedule is to keep this container by your diapers so you remember to put it on frequently.

Then, click on over to our Free Community Forum and let me know how well it worked for you!



It’s important to note that clove oil is so strong, it has to be put in a carrier. That is straight from me and very true. You won’t explode or anything, I have done it myself, but it burns like you would not believe if you put it right on yourself.  (It’s also what makes it my cheap natural remedy for acne, because I hardly use any at all.)

The FDA would have my hide if I didn’t tell you that clove oil is not an FDA approved medicine and that I am not a doctor. Clove oil, cannot be regulated as a drug and is, of course, not a drug. It’s not a medicine at all. It can not, of course be used to treat or cure any actual medical condition, because only drugs can treat and cure medical conditions. Natural remedies are, of course, old wive’s tales that lack any evidence, well, besides the scientific studies that can be found at, the national Institute of Health’s online medical journal by using the search term: Eugenol . The FDA also needs to make sure you know that clove oil is not FDA approved to treat anything at all. They pretty much want me to tell you not to even bother trying it. So, don’t even bother trying it as a drug. Maybe try it as a make-up or as a “refreshing lotion.”



  1. Margaret K

    My son has infantigo. I waited several days (as I didn’t know what it was) before taking him to the doctor. He was prescribed an oral and topical antibiotics. I wish I had know what it was before taking him and had this information. Since I have started the course of both antibiotics, I am going to continue them for the course of 10 days.

    I am in the process of disinfecting my cloth diapers (and will continue to do so until his rash is gone) when I wash them. I wanted to know for future reference, I have seen mentioned that you can use oregano oil for diaper rash. I assume that if it is diluted either in olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil it would be safe to use in the diaper rash area. I tried coconut oil/baking soda baths with my son before taking him to the doctor as I didn’t know what it was. I took him when I could visibly see that he had open sores on his skin. Obviously the next time I see a rash come up, I would mix up and apply the mixture before any sores were opened. In that case I assume it would be okay, but not if the sores were open, or am I wrong?

    • It should be noted that any old coconut oil will not be suitable, but Virgin raw coconut oil is strong enough to combat staph lesions in even an AIDS patient. OOO would HAVE to be diluted or would cause extreme pain for an infant. If the sores are open, you certainly still can use it, just make sure it’s diluted in a carrier oil and the best one would be virgin coconut oil… refined coconut oil will do almost nothing.

      • Margaret K

        It was virgin raw coconut oil. I am aware of the healing benefits of the virgin vs the refined. The brand I use has been effective at clearing up a bad rash earlier on my son. He has very sensitive skin, and with cloth diapering until I discovered using wool and just prefolds, his skin reacted.

        It didn’t work at clearing it up before bringing him to the doctor. If I had known about the OOO in the coconut oil (the dilution I have seen is 1 drop per 1/4 cup of coconut oil), I would have tried that at the beginning of the rash BEFORE the skin had opened up. I am not sure if I would try it now that the skin is open. Especially the location of the rash on my sons skin.

        • Yo only need one drop and you can put TONS of coconut oil in there with it You can use one drop per cup if you are able to blend it well enough. But you’d have to REALLY mix it up when it was warm. Another thought is raw local honey in those situations (but boy what a mess that would be.)

  2. Jessica

    Hello! My mom found your site and shared it with me and I could not be happier to see this article. I must admit though that I am overwhelmed by the info.

    My dd is 1 year and had a UTI at 3 days old and was admitted to the hospital for 10 days of IV antibiotics. Other than that she never had any antibiotics…until yesterday. She has a staph infection on her lady parts (3rd time in 2 months) and so we gave them to her begrudgingly. Now that I find this I realize it may not have been necessary but since we started it I do want to finish it.

    My question is…can you tell me simply (I am so overwhelmed with all the info) what we can/should do in the future to prevent and cure the next time? I try to research these things and there are so many options that I never know what to get and just get overwhelmed.

    Thank you so much!!!

    • Dawn

      In the future, TOPICAL raw honey (must be raw) or Virgin coconut oil (must be virgin) would be extremely beneficial. As she grows, OOO (I prefer the planetary herbal brand) can be taken internally as well. There’s a lot of very simple posts on this subject in past blog posts here if you do a site search for MRSA.

      Also, it should be noted that using these things in addition to antibiotics helps ensure the antibiotics are most effective. They all work together nicely, helping to avoid the cycle of antibiotics.

  3. chandlerjo

    My 11 month old son has what seems to be staph on his bottom, one sore that won’t go away with coconut oil it’s been there for about 5 days. We cloth diaper and I would love to know how much oil of oregano to use in my washer’s sanitary cycle to disinfect the diapers. As well as whether you might recommend ingesting oil of oregano or doing colloidal silver for treating my son’s infection. I was looking on this site for the amounts to use and hadn’t found it. If I’ve missed the post about amounts of oil or colloidal silver to use, please reply with a link. Otherwise, please share your thoughts…He’s about 20 lbs. Thanks!!

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