Major Mama Fail.

On our Facebook page, I recently asked moms to get real and admit one of their worst mama moments. One mom explained ,“I locked my oldest, at the time she was 3 months old, in the car and had to listen to her cry for 30 minutes tell the locksmith arrived.”

Another mom explained her worst mama moment, “When my oldest daughter was only a few days outta the hospital, my dad being the proud grandpa he is wanted to take her to show her off to his boss. So we took a 45 min drive and everything was good until on the way home she got hungry and I left her bottles on the counter at home.”

There were others too. It was a relief to read about other people’s mistakes because I was dealing with a whopper of my own. I just recently had a major Mama Fail. I wrote the wrong due date on the calendar for the at home portion of the science fair project.

Not even kidding.

For a split second, I considered falsifying the results.

I didn’t though… Instead, I chose the route of responsibility and integrity. I wrote my son’s teacher an e-mail, where I explained what happened and offered a few solutions, maintaining that my son and I understood that there would be a grade reduction. I explained that if anything, it would be a life lesson in integrity and honesty for my son.

She wrote back, explaining that since we communicated immediately what happened, there would be time for my son to work on it at school in addition to what we did at home.

So, it turned out good. I’m almost glad I messed up at this point, because Noah learned so much more than just science with this year’s project.

Even still… I have some lingering guilt about it. So tell me, (PLEASE) what was one of your major Mama Fail Moments?


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  2. Audrey was about 8 months old and just learning to crawl. I put her on the bed as I had been doing for 8 months. I went to the bathroom. While in the bathroom I heard a huge THUMP followed by silence. After about 5 seconds of silence, while I held my breath and tried to finish up in the bathroom quickly, I heard the most intense screaming I’d ever heard. The screaming was music to my ears. I ran to get her and held her and inspected her for damage. Then cuddled her and held her and nursed her until she fell asleep.

    My husband and I kept a close eye on her for a few days. Every little thing that went wrong I thought was a result of the fall. I convinced myself that her runny nose wasn’t snot but cerebral-spinal fluid seeping out through her nose.

    I felt like the worst mom ever.

    Sadly, she’s fallen off a bed at least 3 times in her infant hood. And had controlled falls when trying to get down from them once she started walking.

    • Right there with you two- I had the very same experience with my 8 month old just yesterday. That dreadful “thump” I heard as I was downstairs letting my dogs outside. After I heard it, I sprinted upstairs, hurdled over the baby gate and found my little girl stunned and sobbing on the floor next to the bed. I picked her up, started singing to her and nursed her. An hour later, she was her normal, cheery self, playing with her toys and grinning with all 3 little teeth. I, however, still felt like the worst mom ever!
      I had gotten over my guilt and was feeling good today until I heard it again…Thump…this time her head hit the corner of a table as she fell over while just sitting up on the floor. Ugh….. an hour and a little bruise later, she was back to normal. Me on the otherhand…I am coming to grips with the fact that, as a mom, I will probably witness her fall many more times and the best I can do is be there to pick her up, give her love and move forward.
      We are moving forward tommorow by going to an infant massage class 🙂 I think she’s earned it!

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