This week, win a bag of Rockin' Green!

Natural Laundry, cloth diaper laundering, cloth diaper detergent, free detergent, free samplesThis week’s giveaway is for a full bag of Rockin Green Laundry Detergent. You’ve certainly hear about this fantastic environmentally friendly, cruelty free laundry detergent. Online, cloth diapering moms type “RnG” when they are referring to it. This is fantastic stuff.

You can choose either Soft Rock, Hard Rock, or Classic  Rock depending on your needs based on your water type.  Rockin Green even has a map so that you can determine which type is probably your best bet depending on the water in the area where you live.

Cloth diapering mom, Heather Pierson uses Rockin’ Green with all of her laundry. She says, “Rocking Green is the best, after letting my cloth diapers sit for longer than normal they cleaned up and looked like new after washing them with Rocking Green. My husband’s work clothes never seem to get clean with even the toughest detergent. Even when I go against my cruelty-free lifestyle and buy things like Tide, they still seemed dirty. Rockin’ Green cleaned them to perfection. Now I can stay cruelty free while washing his clothes. My cloth diapers still look like new after four months and lots of poops.”

Jen Dunkle uses cloth diapers at her day care and has a diaper washing service in her area. She says, “I’ve used other detergents on my FuzziBunz and always wondered how clean things were getting, then I Rocked a Soak with RnG and could see just how much funk and residue was being left behind. Once you Rock a Soak you will never go back to regular detergent.”

For a complete list of rules explaining how you can win this week’s giveaway, check out the Weekly Giveaway Webpage.


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  2. Jennifer

    I absolutely love RnG. My baby has major sensitivity issues and this is the only thing I can use on her diapers, clothes, etc. And it also works great for cleaning carpets. 😉

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