Washing Poop is Gross.

“Sorry, but I don’t want to wash poop.”

Sorry, but if you have a baby, you’re going to.

Here’s the deal. You’re going to wash poop.

So, you can either wash poop out of a cloth diaper that fits so perfectly that the poop rarely leaks out and never blows up the back OR you can wash poop out of blankets, bedding, onsies, sleepers, and often, your own pant leg.

That’s the honest truth of the matter.

If you have a baby, you’re going to wash poop.

I prefer to wash my child’s poop out of the diaper. I just feel like I have a little more control that way. Everything in its place. Perhaps some moms don’t want to wash poop out of diapers. That’s totally fine with me, but having used disposables with my first son for a couple of months, I’m well aware of the “up the back blowouts” and those are nonexistent with cloth diapers.

Let me tell you, it really sucks having to try to maneuver your child out of his sleeper in the middle of the night dodging a huge blowout that goes up to his shoulders and trying not to get poop all over his hair in the process.  It sucks even more if you don’t notice the blowout within 1.5 seconds and it leaks promptly onto the sheets and into the wonderful wool padding on the bassinet (or worse, onto YOUR bedding and into YOUR sheets and onto YOUR mattress.)

I really felt disgusting throwing a towel down onto my bed which I shared with my son in the middle of the night and then putting a new sheet down on top of that towel only to wake up in the morning and get out the Oxyclean and scrub my mattress.

So, will someone tell me again how gross cloth diapering is…


    • Ha ha! I love how having babies gives us all a free talk-about-poo card. Distance runners have always held this privilege but it’s so great to have others join the club! I started holding little babe over the potty seat somewhere around 6 months and it works pretty well most mornings to avoid having to wash doopy-dipes. There are times, of course, that timing isn’t right and I remind myself how great it is for baby and the environment to use cloth diapers. Anyway. Where are you based that it is already 3/7?

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  2. Shout it from the rooftops mama! I’m right there with ya! I’ve diapered 2 kids in cloth and like you I used sposies for the first few months with my older son…POOOOOOOOOOP everywhere and pee too. I never have any poop issues with cloth and very rarely do I have a pee issue. Thanks for the great post 🙂

  3. Kristen

    Right on, Dawn! I tell people this exact sentiment. I’d rather clean poo from a diaper than from baby’s and my clothes and everywhere else it lands!

    I had so many baby clothes with that lovely yellow stain. I experienced my first public blowout experience while visiting the office I worked in pre-baby. I found myself changing a huge mess on a conference room table. I sure wish I had known more about cloth diapers then!!

  4. Sara

    I love, love, love, cloth diapering and I have been doing it for over six years. When I think of the money and landfill mass I’ve saved, and the lack of plastic and chemical grossness touching my kids genitals, I am a happy woman. And there are such cute options out there. So much better than disposables! I could go on and on about the benefits. However, claiming blowouts are nonexistent in cloth diapers is a bit of false advertising 😉 Between three breastfed babies, we’ve had more than I can count. While cloth diapering wins over disposables in almost every category, I’d call “blowout avoidance” a draw.

    • Dawn Papple

      Sara, I have never ever ever ever had an “up the back blowout” in my pocket diapers. I wasn’t trying to be deceptive. I’ve diapered a total of just over seven years, and have only seen an “up the back blowout” in sposies. 🙂 Maybe it’s the brand? I have tried out countless brands, (with no blowouts) and predominantly use FuzziBunz.

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  6. Amy

    If we decide (or are surprised) to have another kiddo, I would be willing to try cloth diapers for at least at home. I just cant imagine what happens when you are out and about for the day?! Why anyone would think disposables, bought in any quantity, would be cheaper is beyond me.

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