March Brand of The Month: Marvels & Kissa’s Diapers by Kissaluvs

Our first featured brand is Kissaluvs which brings you Marvels Diapers and Kissa’s Diapers. Kissaluvs is one of our favorite brands and they are distributed all over the world, which is an exciting accomplishment for a family owned and operated company that was first started in a dining room with a fitted diaper for baby “Kissa.”

Marvels and Kissa’s diapers are now produced by professional seamstresses with state of the art equipment though and supply these quality diapers throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and other areas around the globe!

We especially like that Kissa’s and Marvels are made using local and US suppliers whenever possible. In fact, all diapers from Kissaluvs are made in the USA and so are all the fabrics! This is so crucial with today’s economy. Kissaluvs is just a great company to support in general though because they try very hard to make their working environments comfortable and pleasant for their employees, even offering fair personnel policies and paid time off.  They manage to take the time to recycle within the work place. They have strict quality control practices and excellent guarantees. The fact that they are able to do all of this and still put out exceptionally high quality diapers, sets the bar a little higher for all vendors. If they can do it, after starting in a dining room, why can’t everyone?

We are so proud to offer the Marvels and Kissa’s diapers to our clients and customers.

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