We have a winner!!!!

Natural Laundry DetergentCongratulations to Tannis!

Tannis participated in our new weekly giveaway and won a free bag of Rockin’ Green natural laundry detergent! We’d like to thank all of you who participated. Perhaps without even realizing it, you helped spread awareness of natural living and cloth diapering. The more people see these posts, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or in blogs, the more likely they will be to give the natural lifestyle a try. Every post you made, made cloth diapering and natural living a little more normal! Together, we can change perceptions in the general public. Thanks for being a part of these exciting changes! Tannis, please look for an e-mail from me explaining how to claim your prize.

To learn more about our regular weekly giveaways, check out the rules. Maybe next week you will be the winner!

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