Are You Ready To Win A Planet Wise Wet Bag?

This week’s giveaway is for a Planet Wise Wet Bag!

I’ve used many things to contain a dirty diaper. I’ve used an old grocery bag. I’ve used a big Ziploc bag that I had lying around in the trunk of my car. I’ve even used a pair of my daughter’s tights when I had nothing else. However, to cloth diaper in public successfully and without the repulsion of the general public, you will want a wet bag. Pretty much everyone’s favorite wet bag is the Planet Wise Wet Bag. So, this is your lucky week. You have a chance to win one of these.

This week, if you’re lucky, you won’t have to wonder if the ten bucks for a bag to carry your diapers in is worth it. (It is.) ( Heck, it’s worth the ten bucks just to get the cool compliments at the family holiday party or in the bathroom at the grocery store, not to mention how well these work and how pretty they are.) This week, if you’re lucky, you will win one of these gorgeous new wet bags!

They’re also made in the USA. And our country needs that. We need more products to be made in the USA. And we need to buy them. However, if you’re lucky, this week, you will win one.

Planet Wise wet bags also contain no PVC and the zippers are lead free. And our world needs that. We need fewer products to be made with PVC. We need fewer products to be made with lead.

A Planet Wise wet bag completes the cycle of awesomeness that you will feel about cloth diapering. I have always felt so good about having actual clothing against my babies’ most sensitive areas. It just feels good to give that to my children. Putting that cloth diaper into a gorgeous, reusable, sturdy bag that was made by a responsible company in my own country… that feels fantastic.

For a complete list of rules explaining how you can win this week’s giveaway, check out the Weekly Giveaway Webpage.

Cloth Diaper Wet Bag No Leaks


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  2. Jen

    I have one bag downstairs and my life would be soooo very much easier if I had a smaller one for traveling out and about, or another one for upstairs diaper changing. Not only do I use the one I have now for dirty dipes, but for when I take all 4 of my boys swimming. Great for wet suits!!

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