Heiny Helpers: Offering Cloth Diapers to Low Income Families in Indiana

Bloomington Indiana Diaper ServiceIn Bloomington, Indiana, there is a non-profit organization that assists low-income families who wish to cloth diaper. Cloth diapering one child can save a family around $2000. I’ve met many women who would like to cloth diaper, but find it difficult to come up with the couple hundred dollar initial investment. I try to encourage these women to buy just one a week, and in a couple of months, they will have an entire set. When you live pay check to paycheck though, budgeting even for one diaper in addition to a pack of disposables often seems overwhelming.

Thankfully, residents of Bloomington, Indiana have Heiny Helpers, a non-profit organization that is determined to help low-income families get ahead financially and make ecologically sound diapering choices. Heiny Helpers in Indiana is doing good on a number of levels. Heiny Helpers was founded in 2011 by three mamas at First United Church in Bloomington, Indiana. Inspired by the many families in their church who cloth diapered, they wanted to find a way to help families stop throwing away money on disposable diapers.

Low-income families do need to apply to be a part of the program. They also need to sign a contract that says that they understand how to care for the diapers, are committed to using them and will return the cloth diapers when they are done with them.

This is philanthropy at its very best. So many people are helped with this program in Indiana. So many diapers are kept out of our landfills. So many chemicals are kept away from precious babies’ skin.

If you or anyone you know would like to help with this wonderful program, there are a few ways to do this. They accept financial donations, new diaper donations and gently used diaper donations. Anything that can be donated is greatly appreciated.

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