Babysitting Fiasco

I babysat for my God daughter and her one year old sister, GG, today. (Well, by the time you read this, it won’t be today anymore. But you won’t know that. But for the sake of honesty, I thought it was pertinent to tell you.)

I went to their house, because I was in town dropping my boys off at school and my husband was at home with my daughter for a couple of hours. Everything was perfect. They were liking me. They were liking each other. We were all liking the movie we were watching.

It was fantastic.

Then GG decided she could stand on the couch and do this little wobble dance. The coffee table was right there and the wood floor below it. So, I put a stop to that immediately.

Surprisingly, she wasn’t even bothered by my Fun Governing.

I made her lay down on the couch right by me, so that she could be safe.

That was the right thing to do, right?

I thought so too!

Not two minutes later though, GG rolled off the couch. A second later she was lying on the ground screaming.

I will admit that if she were my child, I wouldn’t have panicked.

I did panic though. Huge crocodile tears plummeted down her big red cheeks. Her arms flailed in anguish. Obviously, all she wanted was her mommy.

Homeopathic remedy for bruising

Then, I remembered that her mother was just like me. I knew what she would have done in that moment. My friend also turns to homeopathic remedies whenever an issue arises with her children. I went to the cabinet and searched for the Arnica which is just one of the wonders found in the Hyland’s Remedy Chest. It’s used for countless problems, but most importantly, today, it’s meant for injuries and bruises. I found it, put one of the pellets into her mouth and about two minutes later, GG was fine.


I will admit, she might not have needed it. She might have just been soothed because I did what her mom would have done. I’ll never know if there was a bruise waiting to show itself under her clothing. All that’s important to this story though, is that today, when her mom came home, there was not.


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