WEEKLY GIVEAWAY: Win a Bamboo Baby AIO with Snaps!

Free Baby ProductsIf you haven’t been participating in our weekly giveaways (or even if you have) you will want to try your luck this week, because Everything Birth is giving away a free Bamboo Baby AIO cloth diaper with snaps! Chances are fairly good that you don’t have one of these in your stash. They aren’t as famous as bumGenius or FuzziBunz diapers by any means. But they should be.

I have one of these. This diaper is fit for royalty. I’m not even exaggerating. I cannot remember ever feeling any diaper as soft as my Bamboo Baby diaper, and having owned a brick and mortar cloth diapering store in my past, I’ve been sent countless sample diapers.

I’m sure by now, most of us are aware of the environmental and health benefits of choosing fabrics made with more bamboo. So, I’m not even going to get into that. If you don’t know and would like to discuss it though, join us in our community forum and raise the question there. We’ll be happy to chat about it.

Lots of diapers claim to be trim. Many of the new ones even are actually trim. The Bamboo Baby AIO is super trim though.

The online photos do not really do them justice. They have a cuteness appeal that will rival any of your other fluff. They are adorable.

I’ve gone on and on about my FuzziBunz in the past, and you know how I feel about them. However, Bamboo Baby AIO diapers might have even FuzziBunz beat. I can’t say for sure, because I haven’t (and won’t) diaper three babies in the Bamboo Baby diapers. Here’s one thing to think about though… These incredibly soft diapers get softer and more absorbent as they age. Most cloth diapers lose some of their fluff and absorbing power as time goes on.

So, do you want to win a Bamboo Baby All-in-One diaper?

For a complete list of rules explaining how you can win this week’s giveaway, check out the Weekly Giveaway Webpage.


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