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I was surfing around on Birth Depot today and I noticed that most of the classified ads for gently used cloth diapers for sale there boast proper washing techniques. Buying gently used cloth diapers from people who know cloth diapers is imperative. A properly cared for set of cloth diapers can survive several cycles of birth through potty training before giving out. So, buying gently used diapers off of Birth Depot is a pretty sound investment. Buying diapers from a larger market with sales from every genre gets risky. What if they over-dried the PUL? What if they used fabric softener?

Purchasing gently used cloth diapers from one of the classifieds ads on Birth Depot is easy. Birth Depot is a free classifieds listing site that is very user friendly and that is designed for the pregnancy, birth and early motherhood market. Birth Depot is a safe arena for women to buy and sell products of interest without having to sift through ads of less consequence to them.

Women will find listings for items such as:

  • Midwifery and birthing supplies
  • Cloth diapers
  • Baby gear
  • Books, DVDs, and video cassettes
  • Maternity and baby clothes

Birth depot is certainly smaller than classifieds like Craigslist, but with the smaller site, you also encounter virtually no “escort services” or other surprising listings while browsing for diaper inserts. On Birth Depot, women are able to sell and purchase birth related items to eachother  in a market that is tailored just for them. You are able to:

  • Register as a member very simply for free!
  • Start listing items within minutes of registration.
  • Manage your ads from a personal “dashboard.”
  • Easily upload photos of your items.
  • Easily connect with someone selling “just the right” baby products at just the right price!


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