Introducing Baby to the Big Sibling

Most of us know enough to talk about the baby that is on the way with our older children. “There’s a baby in my belly!” Usually, we allow our older children to feel the baby kick and talk to the baby through our bellies.

Our very own Heather had a really creative way of helping to introduce her new baby before the actual delivery day. She said that I could share these images with you. I’m glad she did because, this is a really cool project that can start the sibling bonding before the baby even arrives.

Check out these pictures!

This is a very creative way to introduce a child to their new baby sibling. ┬áIt’s also a great way to confirm to your child that they are still important, even though a new baby is coming. This kind of creative activity will give the older sibling magical memories to hold on to that will bond the older child to both the new baby and mommy!

What kind of activities did you do to introduce your older children to your new baby? You can share on here as a comment, or post pictures on our facebook wall. If you decide to do something like this yourself, please share those photos as well!

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  1. My daughter was too young to really get it and interact with the baby. She was learning to talk at the time so we were teaching her where the baby was. She started to think all bellies were babies. It was really funny when she’d lift up her shirt to show everyone the baby.

    We let her kiss the baby and feel the baby kick. It really freaked her out when the baby would kick her when sitting on my lap.

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