Brand of the Month: Thirsties!

This month, our  Brand of the Month is Thirsties!

One of the great things about being involved in the natural living world is that most of the companies and manufacturers that we deal with are genuinely amazing companies, made up of genuinely fantastic people who consistently make good choices. People don’t get involved in this business if their heart isn’t in the right place for the most part. Moms will call out a selfish companies motives and wrong doings in a heartbeat and “when mama’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

Thirsties, however, goes above and beyond what any of us expect from a company, on their own, all the time. They are a fantastic company that you can feel very good about supporting. All of their products are made in the USA, buy women just like us (except, in my case, way better at sewing.) Thirsties are often even made by work at home moms.

Thirsties also uses only high quality components from the USA. They do this to reduce their carbon foot print, to help support US textile mills, and to ensure quality.  Thirsties has a goal of becoming completely carbon neutral and they are well on their way. They have installed solar panels that at full capacity will supply all of their energy needs. They very excitedly point out, “This equates to a total CO2 reduction of 200 tons, as if we are planting over 7700 trees!”

So, join the cause!

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