Win a new Happy Heinys one-size diaper with snaps

This week, Everything Birth is giving away a new Happy Heinys one-size diaper with snaps! Many of you really love the Happy Heinys and this is your chance to try the one size in an all snap closure version.

The Happy Heinys one-size diaper with snaps can adjust to four different sizes so it will nicely fit a baby that weighs between 8 and 35 pounds. (And if you’re new to cloth, any sizes a little smaller or larger than that can easily be temporarily accommodated by just using some creative snapping. Not sure what I mean? Come join us in the free community forum and we can discuss it a bit more.) You should be able to get away with buying just one set of diapers for your baby’s entire diapering years if you choose the Happy Heinys one-size diaper with snaps. It comes in adorable prints, which may be nothing new, but is still worth noting for the cloth novices reading this.

The newly improved version features a lot less bulk, including a shorter rise. This means less drooping in the bottom. It’s a really nice fit. The Happy Heinys one-size diaper with snaps also features improved leak resistance especially when worn by slender to average sized babies. (You know, the babies that have the hardest time fitting into every kind of diaper cloth or disposable.) I know you’re curious about this new and improved version, so, check out the giveaway rules and start crossing your fingers!  Your odds of winning are pretty decent because our giveaway response is not too huge yet.

You have nothing to lose, this is an easy giveaway. Also remember that by participating, you are helping to spread the word about cloth. Good luck!!!



  1. Anne-Kristin Aasberg

    Wow, what a great gift! I have tried some sized Happy Heinys on my daugher when she wore diaper, and would love to try tha ons-size version when our new baby is born!

  2. Nicole P

    I have 7 Happy Heinys, and love them!!! But they are the older stype one-size in the Aplix. I’d love to try an adorable print in snaps, and the newer and improved version. (not that I have ANY complaints about the older styles)

  3. Tiffany

    Thanks for a chance to win this awesome diaper!! I currently use disposable diapers and am wanting to switch to cloth diapers, but am wanting to try one first. Hope I win.
    I went to facebook and like Happy Heinys and Everything Birth’s pages and posted a comment on my wall about it 🙂

  4. Misty Mihai

    I would really like to win an HH diaper . . . I’ve haven’t tried them yet and would love a chance to have a free sample. I’m really interested in the HH mini one size for my next baby . . . my son didn’t fit into the one size pocket diapers we are currently using until he was about 2 months old so I would love to see what they are all about with a free sample!

  5. Kat

    I cloth diapered with my older kids, and most of my “stash” are worn out! With a new little one on the way in September, it would really help out to have some Not worn out diapers.

    I would love to win a Happy Heiny diaper.

  6. Amanda

    I’d love to win, as of right now all we have is diapers from the cloth diaper foundation. So a brand new diaper would make our day. Thank you I liked both of you on facebook as well and made it my status

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