Safe Food Dyes for Easter!

natural food dye easter eggsAt the grocery store today, I noticed the massive amounts of Easter supplies that the grocery store’s shelves had puked out into the aisles. Colors everywhere! To be more specific:  Fake colors everywhere. Artificial food dye that is sure to make a large majority of children bounce off the walls this spring holiday season overflowed towards the checkout lanes.

On March 30th and 31st, the FDA met to discuss the safety of artificial food dyes in children’s food. While, they concluded to require no additional labeling at this time, 93% of the FDA panel agreed that additional studies were necessary to determine whether eating artificially dyed foods is linked to behavioral problems in children— and to assess under what conditions the dyes are safe for ingesting.  FDA spokes person Douglas Karas said, “We reviewed the studies and we don’t see a direct, strong link, although certain children with ADHD may have a sensitivity to some substances.”

Michael Jacobson, executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, was pleased with the FDA decision to consider the evidence against food coloring considering that the Grocery Manufacturers Association strongly protested the claims. Jacobson said, “The evidence that these petrochemicals worsen some children’s behavior is convincing, and I hope that the FDA’s advisory committee will advise the agency to both require warning notices and encourage companies voluntarily to switch to safer natural colorings.”

Thankfully, for those of us who are unwilling to allow our children to be the lab rats of the Grocery Manufacturers Association and the FDA, there are alternatives available. Easter is right around the corner though, so you have to act fast. India Tree makes a complete line of natural food dyes that we can use to color our children’s Easter eggs and Easter desserts this spring.

Just to make the online ordering even faster for you busy moms, I added it to our Amazon favorite products index. So, you can find a direct link to purchase natural, safe food coloring made from actual food on our Amazon products index. Easter is right around the corner, so get them now!


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