Baby Carrier Faux Pas

Thankfully, I have access to an on-the-fly babysitter. Her name is Grandma, or Nana, if it’s easier. I would have been in a really difficult position the other day if she wasn’t there for me.  Let me back it up for a second.

You see, I used to own a bunch of baby carriers. I used to get samples of them from when I owned Mama Gaia’s. A couple of my carriers got loaned out. A couple got sold. Now, only one remains. It’s a mei tai style carrier, with a really cool print.

So, the other day I was going to a funeral and had planned to take the baby with me. Ayla does really well if she’s in the carrier. I wasn’t the least bit worried about her disturbing the other people that would be there. It may seem weird, but I try to expose my children to social settings like funerals early so that they are better equipped to deal with these hard tasks as they get older. Someday, someone close to them will die, and I don’t want them to have to deal with their fears over what a funeral is like at the same time they deal with their grief.

At any rate, just as I was getting ready to go, I suddenly realized that the trendy printed design on my last remaining baby carrier was highly inappropriate for a funeral.

Any guesses?

I’ll give you a hint.  Actually, no. I can’t even give you a hint, because it’s too uncomfortable for me to even type a hint.

So, I’ll just show you. Scroll down to the bottom of the blog to see the print on my baby carrier that I was about to wear to a funeral.  Then, come back up and continue reading.

(Paused, while you scroll down.)

So, you see why I had to call Nana, right?

At any rate, the reason I’m sharing this with you is because most of you don’t have access to endless baby carriers like I used to. Most of you will just own one, like I do now.  I just wanted to point out, that when shopping for a baby carrier all over the internet, you might want to consider the myriad of places you will be going over the years in that new baby carrier.

May my “almost-faux-pas” stand to be a lesson to us all.








  1. I love the print on that carrier, but I agree it’s not funeral appropriate… It’s so great you have help like that, I’d either hope I had help, trade carriers with a friend for the day 🙂 or tie a decorative scarf around it… Glad you noticed it wouldn’t go well…

  2. When I was shopping for my Mai Tai carrier I looked for one that was reversible, just for those moments. The inside has a Day of the Dead theme going on. I love it. It’s pretty and girly and not overly skull-y, but I need to remember that the kids at church don’t all see it the same way I do. So I make a point of turning it the other way when I’m at church or around the young kids who might not understand.

  3. Patricia

    That’s so funny. And sorry for your loss.
    I didn’t go to a funeral until I was over 30. It was actually very disturbing for me because I’d had no earlier exposure. I think you have the right idea about taking your kids to them.

  4. Heather P

    Thank you soooooooooooo much for this, I am planning on ordering one very soon and really like alot of the skull patterns, I would have purchased one if I haven’t read this. Never would have crossed my mind!

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