Win a bumGenius Elemental Organic AIO diaper!


We’ve got another awesome Giveaway planned for you guys this week.  On Friday, we will be giving away a bumGenius Elemental Organic AIO diaper. If you want to try one of these out, the Weekly Giveaway rules can be found here.

While our Giveaway gains more and more followers each week, you still have a fantastic chance of winning a bumGenius Elemental Organic AIO cloth diaper.  Besides, even if your odds were slim, giveaways like these are more than just fun ways to get free stuff. Any time the average person is exposed to products like the bumGenius Elemental Organic diapers, the more likely they are to try cloth diapering. Most people aren’t trailblazers like so many of our customers are. Most people will wait until something becomes the norm. Your entries in our giveaways help cloth diapers like bumGenius become more normal.

bumGenius Elemental Organic AIO cloth diapers (and no, that is not a typo, the “b” is not supposed to be capitalized) are fantastic diapers. bumGenius diapers are, from what I’ve seen, the easiest diapers to get approved by day cares for use in their facilities. This is because they are just as easy for daycare workers to use as disposables. bumGenius are the diapers dads and grandparents usually prefer. They have no inserts to stuff and no covers. This is as simple as a diaper can get.  What’s more, Everything Birth is not just giving away an awesome diaper, Everything Birth is giving away an awesome diaper with 100% organic cotton inside.

bumGenius is a great company with a very good reputation. They’re not going to be going anywhere anytime soon. They also have a helpful customer service department should anything go wrong with your diaper (which is very unlikely.)  This Giveaway is one you will definitely want to participate in if you’re looking for a very high-quality, organic, all-in-one diaper for under twenty five bucks free!



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