Baby Body Modification

circumcision right or wrong?A couple of months ago, I posted this photo to my personal Facebook wall. I titled it, “Ayla’s first tattoo.” For those of you who don’t know, my husband is a tattoo artist. I didn’t even mean to insinuate that it was a real tattoo. I meant that it was her first “temporary tattoo.” I thought it went without saying that it was a temporary tattoo.

Apparently not though, because I got some angry private messages that day. I still can’t wrap my brain around it, but a few people thought that this was a permanent tattoo.  You know, like the kind that are done with needles and ink.

I still chuckle thinking of it.

I mean OF COURSE, I’m not going to tattoo my child. Right? That would be barbaric. And permanent.

And what right would I have to permanently modify my child’s body?! Right?

So, anyway… On a completely separate note

Have you seen the circumcision video on YouTube yet?


I’m not sure how people feel about it in general. I think it’s pretty well divided.  My son was circumcised. Regardless of how you feel about circumcision, I do feel that people should be aware of the practice before they go through with it.  I’d hate someone to live with the regret that I carry, because they never knew what it entailed. The following video is very graphic, and basically made me hate myself for a good long while.



  1. Christine Hotchkiss

    I don’t know what to say/do. I feel like pucking cussing screaming etc… WTF WTF
    I have three boys and there is no way in H*** anyone was gonna go anywhere near thier skin.
    How barbaric, EEWWW I had to turn off the sound too, poor baby,whats wrong with his mother.
    God that sound rips my heart into pieces. I was tearin’ up. OMG
    Thank you for proving me right in my own mind, I never really knew what I saved them from. People look at me funny sometimes if they know I didn’t do it like my grandma or whatever.

  2. Christine Hotchkiss

    I’m sorry, I didn’t realize how you felt about your sons. They really put alot of pressure on you in that moment. Or maybe you just think you should cuz everyone else does,I did. You shouldn’t feel bad. Ya know its kinda funny but I felt bad for a long time also I thought they would hate me because they still had it. All we can do is the best we can as mothers. Thanks again for the info. I am really interested in health topics and info about kids.

  3. Actually, I didn’t want to. I just never researched it enough to have any valid points to offer my then-husband to counter him. Besides, I just didn’t realize it was something I’d regret. I thought, “Well… what do I know about penises? His dad has one, what right do I have to say.” But it was also explained to me much differently than how it actually happens.

    • Christine Hotchkiss

      It’s always a mothers right to make the final decision, I’m sure your boys will be perfectly fine. No regrets.
      Thank you for the info. I really love all the stuff in your blog.

  4. Circumcision was explained much differently to me, too. I heard, “Well, they take the baby and put this ring around his penis, and the foreskin just falls off now – they don’t cut it any more.”

    Excuse me?! Even the ridiculous American Association of Pediatrics says that parents should be educated on the process… and that it’s a cosmetic surgery; there are no significant benefits either way that should sway your decision. It’s a matter of personal preference.

    So I’m glad I learned this a few months ago – I’m expecting my first son next month, and he will stay in one piece. My husband disagrees, insisting that he should be circumcised – but not on my watch.

    Everyone is up in arms about African genital mutilation on females – how is this any different? It’s not – just like African genital mutilation on females is normal there, chopping part of your baby off is normal here. Not cool. In my opinion, genital mutilation is never ok. In fact, cosmetic surgery on an unwilling/unknowing participant is never ok (not that I’d hate to wake up with a set of DDs one day)…

    Why in the hell would anyone remove a piece of a baby’s body? Don’t give me the crap about “that’s just what we do,” either. I think I’m so aggravated by this topic because it involves sheer stupidity + torture. Come on.

    • Christine Hotchkiss

      stick to your guns Angie. The skin god put there for a reason, It’s more the norm. now a days NOT to do it. No matter what any doctor, nurse, mother in law, grandma, or husband says. I have three boys now all with all thier parts and I still believe it was the right choice. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Amy

    Circumcision pissed me off. I think everyone already made any point I had.

    You know what else pisses me off on the topic of baby body modification. Baby’s with their ears pierced. In my book- still body mod, still mutilation on an unwilling participant, still a hole in someone else’s body, and half the time done with those stupid, should be outlawed, ear guns. I have to stop myself from explaining to everyone I see about to get that done about autoclaving and how an alcohol wipe is not the same as sterilization.

    • Crystal Lince

      I have 2 daughters (3 & 6). When my husband and I had our first daughter, I thought it would be cute to get her ears pierced. He disagreed and said we should wait till she was old enough to make her own decision. So neither of our girls have their ears pierced and I am happy with that. If they decide they want it done, I will take them to get it done. I would say still not till they are a little bit older though. The first time I got my ears pierced I was 5 and I freaked out. It hurt! I hated getting them cleaned, changed, and they also seemed to get infected quite frequently. I am not going to put my children or myself (for that matter) through all that.

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