"Earth Day Everyday!" diaper by FuzziBunz

For those of you just starting out in the world of cloth, I have to explain a very strange phenomenon that happens with FuzziBunz pocket style cloth diapers.

Every once in awhile, FuzziBunz will come out with a limited edition version of their awesome pocket diapers. Right now, FuzziBunz is featuring the ”Earth Day Everyday!” pocket diaper.

You will want to buy these diapers.

Even if you don’t think the “Earth Day Everyday” diapers are awesome… Even if you don’t think these diapers will get everyone talking about how fantastically cool you are… You will want to buy at least one or two of these “Earth Day Everyday”  diapers.

Let me explain.

FuzziBunz are vastly superior to many other brands of diapers. The lifespan of a FuzziBunz diaper is astonishing. FuzziBunz last through a few children’s diapering careers because of their amazing quality. And everybody who has been in the industry for awhile knows this.

What this means is that people will purchase your used FuzziBunz (on forums like our Birth Depot) for almost what they retail for regardless of the color. Factor in a limited edition… and you can often see returns at more than what you purchased your original “Earth Day Everyday” limited edition diapers for. I’m not even kidding. I know, because I’ve done it. I’ve witnessed this phenomenon first hand on several occasions.  I think back to what I was able to sell my navy, my black, my army green, and my burgundy Fuzzi Bunz diapers for and I am still amazed. Even recently, with the choco truffle, people were willing to pay more than retail because they were limited edition, and they wanted them. They will do the same for your used “Earth Day Everyday” limited edition cloth diaper, if you’re smart enough to buy them while supplies last.

Diapers, to a fluff obsessed woman, are collectors items. They are must haves. Not only that, but they are must haves that they can buy guilt free, because they know they are already saving thousands of dollars by choosing cloth over disposables.

Let me make this clear:

People are obsessed with FuzziBunz limited edition colors.

This is not a sales pitch.  Well, I guess this is a sales pitch. But it’s also something I’ve learned from experience and want to share with the Everything Birth and Diaper Parties community.

Everything Birth has purchased a decent supply of the FuzziBunz “Earth Day Everyday” cloth diapers. They won’t last long though, so you will want to head on over to the shopping area and purchase some as soon as you can.

Enjoy your Earth Day, enjoy your “Earth Day Everyday” limited edition diaper by FuzziBunz, and enjoy your profitable return when you’re done with it.


Note: If you are interested in selling your used diapers when you’re done with them, keep in mind, FuzziBunz connoisseurs know their stuff. You will want to always wash them according to their care instructions. Keep them out of the dryer. Never use bleach. Never use fabric softener. Use only the recommended detergents. FuzziBunz rarely have problems except ones that are caused by not following the care instructions, and believe me, a FuzziBunz fanatic will be able to tell.



  1. Beth harley & sayle & andrew payne

    Cant wait to show off my earthday everyday diaper by happy heinies© at the world cloth diaper change on the 23rd! All of my green friends are going to love it! Thanks for carrying it!

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