Broken Toy Drama

helping child when their toys breakWhile working on some writing, Ayla brought me the bottle of Hyland’s Arnica, her toy horse, and the toy horse’s leg. She said, “The howse needs medincin, Mama. The howse bwoke its leg. Ow. Ow. Ow. Fitz it, Mama.” I tried to explain that I didn’t think the Hyland’s was going to be enough, given the extent of the horse’s injuries. I told her I would fix it later.


At any rate, working on a deadline, I didn’t really have time to fix her horse right then. If I stopped for every little thing, I’d be out of a client, and she’d be in day care because I’d have to work more outside of the home. But YOU try ignoring a little girl who believes her toy is in critical pain and still sleep at night.

I actually was that little girl three decades ago. I remember how traumatic it was to be an empathetic child emotionally attached to a decrepit toy. So, I also wasn’t about to tell her it was “Fine” and shove her aside once I realized she actually cared. Sure, I grew up, but I never lost my empathy. I didn’t feel it for the toy though. I felt it for the little girl with the huge heart, asking me to help her “howse.”

Thankfully, because I have been in my daughter shoes, I knew what it would take to buy myself some time. If you look closely at the picture, you will see that clearly, the horse is being hospitalized, and is currently undergoing x-rays to see the full scope of the “broken leg.”  You will also see that the horse has been previously injured.

The horse’s x-rays were done, interestingly enough, at the same time I was finished with all of my writing. Then it went on to surgery. In case you’re wondering, amputated equine limb corrective surgery takes about twenty minutes. It takes 15 seconds to build an x-ray lab.

For those concerned, I did also put a call into animal protective services from the Barbie cell phone, because well… it’s the only responsible thing to do. Frankly, I think Ayla caused the horse’s injuries.



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