Toddler Lactating?

Leak nipple toddler lactatingI was concerned this morning when my two year old daughter came up to me and said, “Mama, there’s milk on my meeple.” For those of you who don’t speak Aylan, that translates as, “Mama, there’s milk on my nipples.”

My thoughts started racing. I know it’s normal for a newborn on occasion to leak fluid from their nipples. Ayla is two though. What could possibly cause her nipples to leak fluid? Hormonal imbalance? I thought about her soy milk. I know soy has estrogen in it. Could that cause this weird occurrence?  I felt that strong urge to hop onto the national online medical journal index because I know better than to do a normal web search for anything involving the health of my children.

I waited though. “First things first.” I thought.

So, I asked her, “Ayla, can you show Mama?”

So, she took her bottle and dripped her milk onto her eyelid. “See, Mama, there’s milk on my meeple.”

“Your eyelid?”

“Yes, Mama,” she corrected herself, “There’s milk on my eyewid.”



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