This Week's Giveaway: Planet Wise "Bag Your Stuff" Set

This week, Everything Birth is giving away a Planet Wise “Bag Your Stuff” set. This gift set will contain:

This week, if you’re lucky, you will win this entire set of these gorgeous reusable “Bag Your Stuff” products by Planet Wise!  As always, a giveaway win by Everything Birth is worth far more than the sticker price.  Given that these products are reusable, that means no more disposable, costly Ziploc Storage Bags… No more Saran Wrap or aluminum foil to be wasted every day in your lunch boxes.

I’ve got to tell you, not only will the Planet Wise “Bag Your Stuff” products save you money and help out our environment; they will also make you and your family members feel awesome. You know that amazing feeling of pride in yourself you feel knowing you’re doing the right thing by cloth diapering?  You know that awesome feeling when you couple cloth diapering with super adorable cloth diapers?  That’s what you will feel every day you use these products.


As an aside, these products are awesome for mamas who have managed to potty train and sold off their cloth diapers. I know how it is kind of sad when a cloth diapering mom finally potty trains her children. It’s a joy to see adorable things every day. It’s a joy to be a part of doing something good. Using the Planet Wise “Bag Your Stuff” reusable products, you will get to have that same awesome feeling, every day, for the rest of your lives.


The “Bag Your Stuff” products by Planet Wise are made in the USA. Our country needs that. We need more products to be made in the USA.  And we need to buy them. However, if you’re lucky, this week, you will win this set of four reusable products.  Planet Wise wet bags contain no PVC and the zippers are lead free. Our world needs that. We need fewer products to be made with PVC. We need fewer products to be made with lead. All materials used in these bags and wraps are food safe and easy to clean in either a washer or by hand.

Now… if I haven’t successfully lured you in yet… I would like to show you some of the super rad prints that Planet Wise offers. (Because after all, that’s what really sealed the deal when you made the cloth diapering choice, wasn’t it. Hehe…)


For a complete list of rules explaining how you can win this week’s giveaway, check out the Weekly Giveaway Webpage.



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