Bald Eagle's Nest Live Cam

This is one of the best things I’ve come across in a very long time. It’s a live streaming video that is on 24 hours a day of a bald eagle’s nest in Iowa. This live cam is brought to us free by the Raptor Resource Project.

It’s remarkable to watch the moment to moment action. We see the “exciting” clips in documentaries, which are very interesting. Nothing beats this slice of life though. This is utterly real. I watched the mother eagle (though it may have been the father, I don’t know) take about five minutes to get comfortable in her sitting on (sheltering/warming) her babies.

From that realness, that softness, Ayla made a connection that she won’t soon forget. She named the baby eagles: Patrick, Noah and Ayla.  Then she asked me to sit on her and keep her safe and warm. We went to the couch and pretended we were eagles while she giggled as I spread my “wings” out to encompass her tiny toddler body.

When I was a child, bald eagles were almost extinct. I remember traveling to the northern part of Michigan where my family had a cabin. There was a mini reserve for the bald eagle and I got to see their nest. I was able to watch in awe at a magnificent species that I was told would not make it to the next generation.

I find it interesting that the bald eagle, a symbol of freedom, is our national emblem and they were allowed to become nearly extinct.  At first, I typed this blog out to put on my own personal blog, until I realized what the bald eagle represents. The bald eagle was nearly extinct. Then, we as Americans made a conscious decision to not allow our symbol of freedom to die out. Now, just a generation later, they are well on their way to recovery.

Americans do care. To me, what was once a symbol of freedom has become a symbol of hope. As we Americans face ecological and energy crises, let’s let our national symbol remind us of what we are capable of when we become determined. All of you are making steps in the right direction. As a part of the Everything Birth community, I feel lucky to be surrounded by families that are making greener and gentler choices, raising a greener and gentler generation of Americans.

But I digress…

When I watch this bald eagle live cam, I feel honored and humbled.  Take a look for yourself. I can talk about it all day, but when you see the quiet moments that linger on… when you watch this eagle steadfastly tending to its young without the distraction of the TV, cell phones or internet, you too will feel something instinctive and natural come alive within you.

This live cam will be a daily addition to my family’s routine. Each day that I watch it, I will be reminded of what my country is capable of: the good and the bad. Then, I will think of our resilience, and I will proceed into my day with hope.


If you want to show your support, go “like” the Raptor Resource Project on facebook.

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  1. Bald Eagles are making a nice comeback in Maine. I have frequently seen the whilst out fishing or hiking, and I too grew up in the era where this species were nearly eradicated. Like the Will of human spirit, fighting through adversity(economy, gas prices, despotism, add whatever you want to this list), its refreshing to see Bald Eagles bounce back as well. Nice Blog Post Dawn. Thanks.

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