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family vegetable garden tips

We started our first ever family garden today. Who knew that it would be so much work? I mean, I planned to get dirty and sweaty, just from being outside. What I didn’t plan for was six hours into it, for my leg muscles to be shaky and trembling with exhaustion.

I also didn’t plan to get sun burned. I guess I should have. It’s just that it’s only April, and I didn’t think about wearing protective clothing or sunscreen. We’re a little sun burned, but nothing too severe.  At least we got our share of Vitamin D today. It was a fantastic family day. The kids helped us ready the soil and accumulate sticks for the posts. After that, they played in the yard.

We planted pumpkins, carrots, lettuce, onions and green beans today. Next week, we are going to add onions and peppers. Then, in May, we’re going to plant tomato plants. Everything else we’ve done as seeds, but I know tomatoes get finicky, so for this first year, we’re going to buy baby plants instead. My husband, Darl, is going to build me an herb garden out by the vegetable garden as well. Just because I love them, I also planted some sun flowers and some lily of the valley up by the house.

All of our seeds are non-GMO, which is really important to us.  It’s not so much the fact that with GMO seeds, we’re getting some genetically altered plant that we aren’t quite sure how our body will adjust to. I mean, that is a concern. You can’t have a whole new food supply in one generation and fully understand the ramifications. You just can’t. And no super smart scientist can tell me differently. You see, super smart scientists have been telling us plenty of things have been safe for as long as scientists have existed. And plenty of those super smart scientists have been wrong plenty of times.  I’m not anti-science or anything. I’m just anti-“letting my family be the guinea pigs.” The real problem I have with GMO seeds in my garden though is the fact that I don’t feel like supporting corporations like Monsanto. I don’t like how they bully small farmers. We all make our choices in life, and this is one of mine. I don’t like bullies. So, all of our seeds are non-GMO, all of our seeds support the small seed producers. I feel really good about that.

We’re not using pesticides and we’re looking into alternative ways to keep pests at bay. I suppose we have at least 14-18 days before we have to start thinking about that. I know a significant percentage of the Everything Birth community members are gardeners. I’m asking for advice. I know I usually spew advice, but this is a topic I don’t know very much about. I know if I’m curious, there are thousands of other women who are curious just like me. What do you avid gardeners use as natural pesticides? Do you have any advice for the new gardeners out there like me? If you could give me one piece of gardening advice, what would you suggest I do to promise a fruitful harvest this year??


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