Everything Birth has a new feature blog to look forward to: FASHION SHOW!

It’s all in good fun and the point of it is to spread awareness about cloth diapering on social media forums like Facebook.  The more people see babies in cloth diapers, the more likely they are to try them (and love them) for themselves.

Without further ado…

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing seven week old Gracie!


This is Gracie’s very first day in cloth diapers and she is sporting a gorgeous new bumGenius diaper!  The look on Gracie’s face seems to indicate that she notices a difference. I may be overdoing it, but by six months, my daughter was expressive enough to point out to me that she preferred her cloth diapers over the disposables she uses when she’s out on the town with her Nana.  I used to hold up a sposie and a cloth diaper, and I ask her which she wanted me to put on her butt. She, without fail, would choose the cloth diaper.

The bumGenius diapers are made by the reputable Cotton Babies corporation. The bumGenius one-size design diaper was born on a whim one evening when the owner was sewing a diaper and thought to put snaps on the front to make them shorter. This simple concept took the diapering world and turned it upside down, in a way that hadn’t happened since the invention of the pocket diaper!

It looks as though Gracie is joining the ranks of the babies who prefer cloth to disposables.  Gracie was chosen for this first feature blog because of the adorable expression on her face.  It was hard because all of the “models” were oozing adorableness. The photos were all crisp and clear just like we requested.

If you’d like to participate in our Fashion Show, go to our Facebook page and simply post a photo with a description and introduction onto our wall. Label it FASHION SHOW, and we will know that you want to join us in spreading the word about cloth. Education isn’t always fun, but like Mary Poppins said, “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down… in a most delightful way!”

Here’s hoping our fun new Fashion Show feature blogs can convert hundreds of more families from disposable diapers to cloth!

Thank you Gracie, you’ve more than done your share in educating by making that adorable face for the camera!



  1. Melissa And Jon Marquis

    Yay! That’s our beautiful baby Gracie. Who is now 13 weeks old and has been in a cloth diaper ever since she put this Bum Genius on her little tushie. We don’t ever plan to use a sposie again…ever. Cloth is so much more comfy and let’s face it…way cuter 🙂

    By the way…Gracie was one of the awesome babies at “The Great Cloth Diaper Change – Portland, Maine” this past Saturday that you, Hiney Lineys & Kelly Wels hosted! We had such a great time and we LOVE our swag bag. Thank you so much!!!

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