Delayed Vaccination Schedule Fact Sheet

Given that:

  • By the time our children are one year old, the CDC recommends 26 vaccine doses be administered to them,
  • The United States vaccination schedule means that babies in the United States get more vaccine doses than any other babies in the entire world,[1]
  • Babies in the United States also have an infant mortality rate that ranks 34th in the world,
  • Despite the United States spending more per capita on health care than any other country on the planet, [2] 33 nations have better infant mortality rates than we do,

I am choosing delayed vaccinations for my child.

I am aware that there are many contributing factor that go into Infant Mortality Rates such as:

  • Economic Factors
  • Environmental Factors
  • Diet
  • Nutrition

I understand that the Givens in this proof indicate no directly proportional evidence that vaccinating infants under two years of age is unsafe.

However, when those same countries lessened their infant vaccination schedules and requirements, they saw their infant mortality rates change rapidly and directly. For example:

  • In 1975, Japan eliminated all vaccines for children under two and that when that happened; their infant mortality rate plummeted so that it was the lowest in the world.
  • In 1995, Japan started allowing infant vaccines, though on a very limited scale. Japan, with their very non-aggressive early vaccination schedule fell behind from the lowest mortality rate in the world to a still impressive 3rd place for awesomeness in the babies-living department.

I find the following chart difficult to allow me any other choice but to delay vaccinations for my child:

Delayed vaccination argument for




RE: SIDS and the Introduction of Recommended Infant Vaccines

In the United States in the 1960s, campaigns urging national vaccination programs to be implemented for our infants were initiated. For the first time in history, most US infants were required to receive several doses of the vaccinations DPT, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella. While “crib death” has always existed, it was always so infrequent; it wasn’t even listed on infant mortality rates because it was that rare. In 1969, however, just a few years after the implementation of wide spread vaccinations of our nation’s newborns, medical certifiers presented a new medical term—sudden infant death syndrome. [3]

I understand that:

  • The CDC states that vaccines are not attributed to cases of SIDS. Their evidence offered is that the back to sleep campaign has significantly reduced the numbers of SIDS cases.
  • From 1992 to 2001, the SIDS rate did drop by an average annual rate of 8.6% during the implementation of the “Back to Sleep” campaign.

However, during that same time period, other causes of sudden unexpected infant death (SUID) increased. And so, I believe that the  re-categorizing of infant causes of deaths has different results. For example:

  • During this same period, the postneonatal mortality rate from suffocation in bed from 1992 to 2001 actually increased at an average annual rate of 11.2%.
  • The postneonatal mortality rate in the categories of suffocation other, unknown and unspecified causes and due to intent unknown all increased during this period.
  • Even with the “Back to Sleep” campaign, our babies’ rates of dying from inconclusive causes did not lessen as the CDC portrays.[4]

I would like to reopen the vaccination discussion when my child has reached the age of two because while I know the CDC says that we have to vaccinate as infants because infants are more susceptible to these horrible diseases, when taking into account the Infant Mortality Rates among different countries, deaths due to all of these diseases still counted as an infant mortality. It is my understanding that the Infant Mortality Rates are just what they are, the rates of death, not the causes of death. And the very simple fact is that we have alarmingly unacceptable Infant Mortality Rates compared to other industrialized, modern nations.

I have prepared a vaccination exemption form to be included in my child’s medical file. I would like a copy of this document entered into my child’s medical file as well.

[1] CIA. Country comparison: infant mortality rate (2009). The World Factbook. (accessed 13 April 2010)

[2] Anderson GF, Hussay PS, Frogner BK, and Waters HR. Health spending in the United States and the rest of the industrialized world. Health Affairs 2005; 24: 903–91

[3] MacDorman MF and Rosenberg HM. Trends in infant mortality by cause of death and other characteristics, 1960-88 (vital and health statistics), Volume 20. Hyattsville, MD, USA: National Center for Health Statistics, U.S. Government Printing, 1993

[4] Malloy MH and MacDorman M. Changes in the classification of sudden unexpected infant deaths: United States, 1992-2001. Pediatrics 2005; 115: 1247–1253


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  2. Bravo! Tx for posting this. I will refer my clients to it – I’m a pediatric dietitian in private practice. Families need this info. Meanwhile, you can read about families who followed the schedule and ended up in the federal gov’t’s Vaccine Court at the blog (“Beyond Vaccines: Will The 83 Canaries Make Them Obsolete?”). No doubt each of these families deeply regrets vaccinating on the schedule. I have no doubt whatsoever that vaccines, as now recommended, are triggering more death, disability, and chronic disease in US infants and children than they now prevent.

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  4. Megan

    Thank you so much for writing this. Vaccines has been an area of great concern with me ever since I was pregnant with my daughter. I really appreciate the facts that you list on here and the clear way that you present them.
    Thanks again!!

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  6. Anna Urban, Esq.

    I agree with you 100% percent. With my first pregnancy I spend a ton of time researching how to dodge pharma-bullets in US when it comes to my baby’s well-being. (being from the EU this is new territory for me…..scary) Thank you for posting this!!!!

  7. Thomas

    The concerning factors I have been researching regarding Cancer and Autism seem to correlate with Vaccination amounts globally. The safe or acceptable % of toxic add ons in Vaccines and food preservatives, Cosmetics, petro chemical and other agents has the add on or multination factor.
    By the charts and information you can find from UN health organisation and other statistic agencies seem to point to the Increase of Cancer and Autism in the countries that have the highest rates of vaccination.
    The fact remains that research into Cancers from 1930 has found a lot of information regarding the Cancer cells, Dr Otto Warburg and Johannes Fibriger received Nobel prizes for their work.
    So we knew how to recreate Cancer and induce it. In 1946 the Polio Vaccine had a Cancer causing virus in it.

    If it does not cause after the harmful Toxic chemicals and preservatives or heavy metals are injected or digested it may have other related side effects that may be life long or life term restrict ors or inhibitors. Reducing the human bodies immune system ability to cope over a longer period and causing the break down that may require medical help or that may leave the individuals immune deficient.
    Soft kill methods used by the population control and Globalisation agenda protagonists.
    The General Practitioners are not even aware in most cases that this is taking place. They often go by the information that they receive by the Pharmaceutical companies.

    This also seems to correlate with the Agenda 21 agreement signed by quite a few commonwealth country Governments including Australia.
    It is you duty to find out and know the truth for the safety of your children and the future generations.
    Do your own research, decide for your selves.

  8. Thankyou for this post, I have 3 boys that 1 is immunize witch I deeply regret after looking into this, it is obvisally more about money and keeping parents believing they should vaccinate for there own good when it benefits there pockets and kills our children or damages them. If every parent knew the real risks they wouldnt vaccinate.

    • my 4 year old boy was vaccinated, I regret it. My 3 month old is not and won’t be for a while.
      Does anyone know if all the countries below the states with lower infant mortality have similar schedule as japan?
      Also, are they very different than us for immunisation?

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