Weekly Giveaway: Thirsties Duo Wrap!

win cloth diapers giveawayThis week, Everything Birth is giving away a Thirsties DuoWrap Diaper to one lucky person who participates in our Weekly Giveaway!

One of the great things about being involved in the natural living world is that most of the companies and manufacturers that we get to be involved with wonderful manufacturers and vendors. Thirsties, however, goes way above and beyond what any of us have come to expect from a company of their own free will.  hirsties Duo Wrap cloth diapers are made in the USA, largely by work at home moms.

Thirsties Duo Wraps are made with only high quality components from the USA. Thirsties does this to reduce their carbon foot print, to help support US textile mills, and to ensure quality.  Thirsties has a goal of becoming completely carbon neutral and they are well on their way. They have installed solar panels that at full capacity will supply all of their energy needs. They very excitedly point out, “This equates to a total CO2 reduction of 200 tons, as if we are planting over 7700 trees!”

Thirsties Duo Wraps feature an adjustable rise, excellent leg gussets, and can be used with Duo Hemp Prefolds or Stay Dry Duo Inserts. They are completely waterproof, yet also very breathable. The inside of these wraps can be wiped clean between uses which allows for fewer wraps to be purchased. After winning this giveaway, a couple more wraps along with a good supply of inserts would complete your set. This is a highly affordable way to cloth diaper, saving you even more money than you’re already saving by cloth diapering.



  1. I love these weekly giveaways becuase they allow me to “experience” the numerous options that are out there in cloth diapers. I plan on cloth diapering all of my children, and will be looking back on these posts for guidance when I finally make that first purchase. Thanks!

  2. Linda

    Been Trying to win diapers for almost a month! Would love to win the Thirsties Duo Wrap! I have never tried cloth Diapering yet! Still waiting for Random.org to shed a lil love on me! ♥

  3. Melissa M.

    Would love to win this for my little girl.
    Love your blog and your website.
    Thanks for offering such great products and helpful info!
    Oh, and for making it fun!

  4. Caitlyn P

    We have two of the size 1 and two of the size 2 of these…I’d love to add more to my stash and I can’t wait to try them on my baby girl, who will be here in 9 days!

  5. Keri

    I LOVE CLOTH DIAPERS!! I currently use fuzzi bunz and would love to have a different brand to use with my current diaper system. I have to wash every day soooo…I am in need of more to make life an every other day wash day! LOVE LOVE CLOTH!!!! Keep spreading the word!!!! 🙂

  6. Jamie

    I love my Thirsties Duos. When I did have a problem with one, Thirsties replaced it lickity-split! They even used green, re-usable packaging! Thirsties is all I use.

  7. Julie

    I would love to try this! I haven’t tried a one-size wrap, and as I’m about to have 2 in diapers, they sound very handy. Loved my sized Thirsties when dd was a newborn.

  8. andrea

    i have a duo diaper and a duo wrap, i wish the diaper came in a snap version. it is very absorbent for my 6 month old as i use it for night time and have no leaks! i am waiting to receive my duo wrap in snaps and hope i will love it even more!

  9. Jen W.

    My 13 month old is cloth diapered in Thirstie covers and cotton prefolds. I am also 34 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child who will use the same diapers. I would love another Thirsties diaper!

  10. Charlotte

    I would love to win! Been using thirsties for a year now on my two boys… one hand me down to the other- yay! Now expecting a baby and need some in a smaller size. love the new duo design!

  11. I have one Thirsties Duo Wrap Diaper. I love it because it’s a wonderful “Grandma Diaper” — i.e. she doesn’t have to figure out how to make it work when she babysits (and I don’t have to spend more on disposables)!

    I would *love* to win another one! :o)

  12. Bobbi Lee Jeselskis

    I have a baby on the way and would love to use these fab fitted thirsties! This will be my fourth child and first time cloth diapering. I am very excited!

  13. I have been wanting to try these on our baby boy (who we are actually packing up the bag to have any time now since my contractions are 4 minutes apart!!!) We were caught off guard thinking we still had a month to buy more diapers and covers, so we’re at about 1/2 stock right now!

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  15. Kristen

    We started CDing our almost 4 month old about a month and a half ago… best decision ever! We are loving our thirsties covers… no leaks and he seems to be super comfy in them. Would love to win this!

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