The winner of the Blueberry Deluxe OS Pocket Diaper is…

Tonia Pollack!

For those of you newcomers that want to know exactly what Tonia won, you can read the Giveaway blog pertaining to the Blueberry Deluxe cloth diapers that I posted on Sunday.

Once again, I feel compelled to thank everyone who participated. You not only spread the work about Everything Birth, you also made cloth diapers just a little more normal. With every single post pertaining to cloth diapers, people see them as a bit more normal… a bit more doable. Thanks for helping us in our mission to make disposable diapers a thing of the past.

Tonia, check your email, because you should have instructions on how to claim your prize waiting in there. Congratulations!

Check in on Sunday sometime and ¬†will announce what’s up for grabs for next week’s giveaway!

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