Cloth Diaper comfortHere’s the deal…  This is baby Elliette. She is sleeping peacefully in her red Happy Heinys pocket diaper. I had to pick this photo for the Fashion Show because this photo has so many layers of awesomeness to it:

  • I love red diapers. I know, that’s a personal preference. (Though incidentally there was a really gorgeous baby in a really awesome color Thirsties on the facebook photo page too.)


  • I love that this baby is lying the the “wide open” sleeping-baby position. I miss that. My daughter is now a little older and has taken to sleeping on her side with a pillow already.
  • I love that the baby is sleeping in a bassinet. It leads me to believe that right beside the bassinet is her mother’s bed. I love when people keep their babies close.
  • I love the perspective. It’s the mother’s perspective rather than just a photographer’s perspective. How many times have you enacted this same scene, peering down on your baby, soaking in the precious way they sleep making a loose fist?
  • I also think that Elliette is a gorgeous name.

I wonder what Elliette is dreaming about. Looking at her calm face, I can remember what depth and speed of breathing is accompanied by that state of sleep. I remember how at this sleep state, I used to lift my children’s arms up and watch how heavy they got, and how it was only after testing for the arm-drop was I confident they could be moved without waking.

Tara, thank you so much for participating in our fashion show! Your daughter is beautiful!

Please remember: The FASHION SHOW blogs are all in good fun and the point is to spread awareness about cloth diapering on social media forums like Facebook.  The more people see babies in cloth diapers, the more likely they are to try them (and love them) for themselves. If you want to participate in our FASHION SHOW, simply find us on facebook and post a photo on our wall of your baby in a cloth diaper. Preference is definitely given to photos that are clear and of high quality. Preference is also given to babies in their natural state rather than posed. Come play dress up with us and help us spread the word about cloth!


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