WEEKLY GIVEAWAY: Win a 6pk of Swaddlebees Flats!

This week, you can try to win a 6pk of Swaddlebees flat diapers!

This method of cloth diapering is old school, and many people love it! There has been a lot of discussion about flats lately because of the Flats Challenge proposed by another blog called Dirty Diaper Laundry. I discuss the Flats Challenge in more detail in a blog from last week. Given the “back to basics” feel of flats and the high cost savings, flats are definitely staying the course even with all of the new modern cloth diapers basking in the limelight most of the time.

Swaddlebees flat diapers come in a variety of cute styles and are also available in an unbleached style. They come in only one size and they will fit your babies for the duration of their diapering years. Swaddlebees flats are made from 100% cotton birdseye. Because they are so trim and versatile, many people prefer them while travelling. They are also very easy to wash and dry very quickly.

Swaddlebees flat diapers are 31.5” x 31.5” (or 80 cm x 80cm), but will shrink about 10% after washing. The prints will also fade a little after the first wash. This giveaway is for a pack of 6 diapers. Swaddlebees diapers contain no bleach, no chlorine and no pesticides on the cotton fibers. This is good because our little ones are especially vulnerable to toxins on fabric. According to Margarita McClure, owner of Swaddlebees:

“When you consider that diapers are in direct contact with a baby’s sensitive skin 24 hours a day and that young children are especially vulnerable to toxic exposure, diaper choices are essential for their health and well-being. There’s no more important way to baby your baby than with chlorine-free, non-toxic, non-irritating organic cotton reusable diapers.”

I know you’ve all seen flats at the major chain stores, but it’s important to remember that all flat diapers are not made as well as Swaddlebees, as a wonderful reader pointed out in last week’s blog post comments. Jessica wrote:

NOT ALL FLATS ARE EQUAL! We also purchased Gerber flats and they’re junk. We’re taking them back. They’re thinner, I can tell they have less absorption and they’re much smaller. In addition, they’re not as soft…who wants something harsh on their bum?

So, who wants to win some flat cloth diapers by Swaddlebees? To learn how, read our Weekly Giveaway rules. And even if you’re not going to play this week because you have all the flats you will ever need, can I get a shout out from all the happy flats users out there?


  1. brenda boran

    I’ve “liked” ya, liked this post too LOL I have temporarily had to quit using cloth due to high water costs and 2 in diapers but one has potty learned YAY so I am trying to get back into using cloth and I am SO very excited so we could REALLY put these flats to good use!

  2. Nikkie Richter

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win these flats! They will get me one step closer to starting my cloth diaper stash! Plus lots of practice folding them before the baby gets here in Sept 🙂

  3. Christine M.

    We use Gerber organic….how do these compare? You don’t say they are organic so I am a little confused on the fiber content. Would like to try them since they are “pesticide free”.

    • Oh GOODNESS…. Swaddlebees are so nice. Gerber, even the organic ones are just kind of bla compared. Swaddlebees are super super super absorbent and soft and cute. They wash easy and dry fast. Plus, Swaddlebees is a highly responsible company, Gerber is a corporation driven by sales, not ideals.

  4. I would LOVE to win the printed flats!! I have been so jealous of all the other moms using their adorable SB flats 🙂

    I posted on FB, but didn’t see it pop up on your page?? It’s definitely linking to your page, just wanted to make sure it’s visible for the 2nd entry 🙂

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