Tips for selling your stuff on Birth Depot

free classifieds for mom baby birthEverything Birth has a free online ¬†classifieds ad that was created just for us. I get into the more specific details on a previous blog about why Birth Depot is better and more comfortable to shop on than Craig’s list for our particular needs. Most of us prefer to not have strangers come to the house, so we don’t need (or want) our buyers to be local anyway.

On this free baby classified site, women will find listings for items such as:

  • Midwifery and birthing supplies
  • Cloth diapers
  • Baby gear
  • Books, DVDs, and video cassettes
  • Maternity and baby clothes

Many people put randoms items they’d like to sell up on their Facebook page hoping their friends will see, and that works pretty good. Putting things up on Birth Depot works even better than that though, because you can make Facebook and Birth Depot work together for you.

First, you will want to create a new ad on Birth Depot. You absolutely should add a photo to your ad. For starters, people like to see what they are going to buy. The biggest reason though is that in order to really make the most of Facebook to promote your Birth Depot ad, you will want the Facebook link to you ad to show a picture. It gets far more attention that way.

How to share your ad on Facebook

After you have put a free classified ad up on Birth Depot (complete with the free picture upload,) find the page with your finished ad and then go to the address bar in your web browser. Copy that address. You will use that to create the link on facebook. In the place where you add status updates to your facebook, there will be a tab that lets you add a link. Paste the address into that spot, then click “attach.” A photo will pop up that should be the picture of your item. If it’s not, you can arrow through the photos until you find your item. Then, facebook will allow you the option to say a little something. In this spot, ask your friends to share this link for you. Tell them that it’s really important to you. Then, you simple click the “share” button.

Why it’s better than simply posting your item on your Facebook page

Since your friends will only need to click a “share” button from their newsfeed, and they won’t have to go through all of the bother that you did, they are actually quite likely to do this for you. Often, people rather enjoy doing this. Don’t forget to “like” their post where they shared your item, and be sure to return the favor in the future. It’s one of the fantastic uses of networking and is sure to get you ad lots of exposure!

Good luck! (And if it doesn’t seem like your friends are into it, then just find and friend me on facebook, I’ll be more than happy to share your ad and I have the best facebook friends on the planet.)

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