Be in Our YouTube Competition

Everything Birth has a new YouTube Channel! If you don’t believe me, look here.

And as with everything they do, they want you to be a part of it…

Everything Birth knows that the community of women who make up Diaper Parties by Everything Birth, the message board forum, Birth Depot, the Facebook page, the Twitter following, the customer base and the blog’s following are an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience. So, Everything Birth invites all of you to participate on the Everything Birth YouTube Channel.

As always though, Everything Birth likes to reward the work you do to spread awareness about cloth diapering, gentle birthing and natural parenting. So, we decided to turn it into a competition…


What we’re looking for:

Instructional or educational videos relevant to Everything Birth. These can be videos like…

  • How to wash cloth diapers
  • How to fold a flat diaper
  • Tips on stripping diapers
  • How to tie a Maya Tie-On
  • Explain the Hybrid diapering system
  • How to prepare a birth tub
  • How to prepare an after birth sitz bath
  • Or anything else you can think of!


What you can win:

  • $20 Gift Certificate to Everything Birth goes to the video with the most views
  • $10 Gift Certificate to Everything Birth subjectively awarded to “Most Informative”
  • $10 Gift Certificate to Everything Birth subjectively awarded to “Funniest”
  • $10 Gift Certificate to Everything Birth subjectively awarded to “Most Creative”
  • $10 Gift Certificate to Everything Birth subjectively awarded to “Overall Staff Favorite”
  • Fame… Winners will be announced on our blog and social networking sites.


How you submit a video:

1. Make sure your video is saved in .WMV format.

2. Email it to but make sure you compress it. (Here’s instructions if you don’t know how to do that.)

3. Make sure to label the e-mail’s subject line: YOUTUBE CONTEST, so it doesn’t get lost in my email.

4. Make sure in the body of the email type out a little note that says:  I (your name) am the owner of the video attached to this email and I give Everything Birth permission to use it on the Everything Birth YouTube channel.

5. Wait and watch the Everything Birth YouTube channel to see if your video made the first cut.


“Why wouldn’t my video make the first cut?”

If your video doesn’t reflect the nature of Everything Birth, we can’t enter it into the contest. For example, if you smack your kid in the middle of making the video because he was being too loud and then apologize to the camera for their interruption, it probably won’t make the first cut.


“How can I manipulate this competition?”

There are a number of ways you can manipulate this competition.

  • Keep your eye on the channel to see if we upload your video. Then when we do, share the video with all of your friends. Share the video on your message boards, to your email list, on your social networking sites. Remember, the video with the most views is automatically the grand prize winner.
  • Winning subjectively is different. The entire staff might have different things in mind. So, be yourself and be happy.  Speak clearly into the camera so that we can hear you. Set the camera down to video tape if your camera person wiggles a lot. I know I personally prefer videos that have interesting backgrounds. I like to take my videos outside if it’s not too windy.
  • Make a really good video. People love sharing videos, if they’re really good.


When does the contest start?

You can start submitting your videos any time you want.


When does the cmpetition end?

We want to give you plenty of time to get the videos done, for us to get them up and to get them voted on. So, the contest will end July 31st, 2011. The final day that videos will be accepted will be June 30th, 2011. July will be set aside for marketing your video.


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