Winner of the Stretch Bamboozle from Bummis (Tot Bots) is…

Andrea Arnold!

As always, we thank all of you who participated in our giveaway. By participating and making posts online about cloth diapers, you are making them more mainstream. Each post about cloth diapers brings us a step closer to cloth diapers replacing disposable diapers as the norm. So, while you may just be trying to win some free awesome products, the simple fact that you think the products are worth trying for sends a message!

We thank you, and some day the next generation will thank you too!  We have a giveaway that is announced each Sunday, for those of you new blog followers. Won’t you join us in a couple of days, try your luck at a cool prize and spread awareness about natural parenting choices?

Andrea, check your email, I will be sending you one requesting your shipping address. Congrats Andrea!

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