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At our first ever live broadcast of  an Everything Birth online diaper party, I had the pleasure of chatting online with Sheila Payne, the owner of Hiney Lineys. She is hilarious and fun. My favorite part was when she stepped away from the computer for a moment, got back and then instead of asking simply if she missed anything, she asked us if she missed anything about Hiney Lineys!

I also recently got a Hiney Lineys! to try out. At first, it felt kind of scratchy, but it sure was cute. I followed the instructions though and washed it a few times. It fluffed right up and is now my daughter’s favorite diaper.

I like that you can detach the diaper part and have a cover or you can use it as an all-in-one. With more inserts, I could have an all-in-one style system with the freedom to change out the insides in much the way you would a hybrid diaper.

Sheila thought of everything with these diapers. They have super strong velco tabs that fold back while being laundered.  (They are also available in snaps.) Hiney Lineys! have a front flap that protects baby from the snaps, hold the insert in place and (as an added bonus,) hold blowouts in. Hiney Lineys! have a really nice fitting elastic. It’s thin, and I can’t quite figure out how it doesn’t tear the skin, because I generally prefer the thicker gussets of the Fuzzi Bunz for that reason. They don’t tear the skin though, not even when really wet. The stay dry wicking layer seems like it’s less comfortable than the super duper soft fleece that I’m used to, but apparently it keeps my daughter’s skin drier and she prefers them.

This month, I am really excited to feature: Hiney Lineys!



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