WEEKLY GIVEAWAY: Hiney Lineys! One Size Diaper

This past weekend, we announced that Hiney Lineys! are our Brand of the Month. So, this week, we’d like to give one away to a very lucky fluff lover.

I mentioned before that I was lucky enough to be able to try a Hiney Lineys! out on my daughter. I’ll be frank, at first, when I saw it, I thought it was going to be scratchy. I loved the look and fuction of it, it was absolutely adorable, but the feel of it at first made me think twice. I washed it a few times like it said and it fluffed right up. My two year old Ayla tells me that it’s her favorite diaper. She will seek it out in a pile of other diapers.  I think that’s the ultimate testament to whether a diaper is comfy on a child or not. It’s a solid color diaper, so it’s not like she was lured in with a fancy print. She just loves the feel of the diapers.

She says they keep her dry.

Really, is there anything I can say (to sway you into wanting to try one on your child)  that beats my daughter rummaging through her stash to find the Hiney Lineys!?

Every mom loves free diapers; the big challenge is finding a diaper that my daughter likes even more than her beloved Fuzzi Bunz. I will admit, I still like the ease of pockets. Apparently though, my ease doesn’t influence Ayla’s decision on which diaper is her favorite. Ayla loves her Hiney Lineys! And so do I!


  1. Carol Colburn

    I have always watched the Hiney Liney system being talked about on the DSD group. Ive laid low, keep reading on the diaper system and I like how they work in theory. I would love to win a diaper to see how they work in real life. My idea of a nice (ok not so nice) dry bedtime diaper was a flatfold folded til it fit just so, and then add 3 prefolds. Stick all that in those ugle plastic pants the Gerber makes. After that, theres no more walking for that baby until morning time when the thinner diapers were put on. But in bed, the bubble butt diapering system worked for me.

    babies in the 80’s

  2. Caitlyn P

    My baby girl is 3 weeks old today! So far we’ve been using cloth part time and only using prefolds. I would LOVE to try other diaper systems, and I would LOVE to win this diaper!

  3. Amanda

    I really want to cd but have no clue where to start, what to buy. I know I want a one size. Would love to win this so I could just dive right in! I would love to win a Hiney Lineys!

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