We'll be at the Twitter Party tonight. Will you be there?

Not even kidding you guys, this Twitter Party that’s happening tonight is likely going to be THE cloth diapering festivity of the season. It’s going to be HUGE. The Twitter Party is in celebration of Kelly Wel’s new book, “Changing Diapers” and I’m telling you pretty much everyone is going to be there.

Vendors from around the country will be there giving away multiple prizes each. There will be over 80 prizes total to be given away. You can find a more detailed list of what you could win here. There’s even going to be a tremendous door prize:  an iPad2!!

It’s only an hour long twitter party.  You do need to register first, and you do need to participate in the party to be eligible to win. You do that by using the hashtag: #changingdiapers.  I can’t stress this enough…to win you must be on the RSVP list. You must register to win. It’s really easy to register and be on the RSVP list. Click here to see the registration form.

More details about winning prizes at tonight’s twitter party:

  • @Ecochicsidekick will announce winners in bulk 5 times during the night.
  • If you are a winner DM @EcoChicSidekick to confirm
  • You will receive a link to a form to enter all of th info that they need.
  • Winners have 48 hrs to respond to their email or a new winner will be selected.
  • Prizes will be shipped from the sponsors within 7 days.

If you’re new to twitter, check out this previous blog where I explain it as simply as I can. This party alone, IS worth the five minutes it takes to sign up for twitter and download Tweetdeck.

Everything Birth will be there, most of teh Diaper Parties by Everything Birth reps will be there, I will be there and the cloth diapering world celebrities that all of us love like Kelly Wels will be there. This is going to be exciting. You will learn a lot. You will be happy you attended.  Thankfully, it’s at 9pm ET, so it should be a really convenient time for moms to sit down for an hour and make waves in the twitter feeds across the nation.

I hope to see you there. Follow us before the party so you’re ready to go: @everythingbirth

‘Til tonight!

***so excited***


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