The winner of a new OS Hiney Lineys! is….

Kristen! (To be more specific: kristen DOT rock AT

Congratulations Kristen! We hope you enjoy your new diaper!

Again, we can’t really thank all of you who participate in our Weekly Giveaway enough.  We know, many people pass on the Weekly Giveaway because they are in a good place with their fluff stashes, but I personally feel that you can almost never have enough fluff. Besides, it’s a really good cause to promote.

Every single post on the internet matters, because every single post on the internet gets seen by someone. You never know if your post is going to be the one that changes someone’s mind.

Oh who cares right? What’s one person?

One person equates to almost ten thousand diapers not thrown into a landfill. One person is also one baby not exposed to toxins. One baby with a nicer infant and toddler experience.

At one point, I was that one person that one post convinced. One night in 2001, I read a post on a forum that changed my perspective. From there, I started down one of the most fulfilling and impactful journeys of my life. That one post changed my mind. I, like hundreds of other women at that time, went forth to convert hundreds and hundreds more women to cloth diapering. In essence, that ONE woman who made that ONE post I read a decade ago has kept easily over 2 million diapers out of our landfills. One person makes a difference, and all of you are helping. We thank you so much for your help with our mission! YOUR involvement matters. You don’t need to be an advocate and you certainly don’t need to be an activist to change the world. All you have to do to do your part is believe in this cause, the rest will come naturally.

We hope to see you participating this Sunday when our next Weekly Giveaway is announced!

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