Yay for wearing other people's babies!

My nephew’s baptism was yesterday. I’ve held him before, but of course, because I don’t see him all the time, he’s not completely comfortable with me. He will usually cry and give me a look as though he’s pleading for his mommy… so of course, I acquiesce.

As much as I love a little one, a cry is a cry. I happen to be fairly skilled at reading a baby. If a baby wants his mom, I’m not about to torture him, no matter how much I love the child. At times, I feel it would be more fun to be an aunt that doesn’t understand baby language and just steal my snuggles and smoother my nephew to my heart’s content.

Thank goodness his mother wears him. (The baby wrap is my secret weapon.)

Yesterday, after the baptism, my nephew started getting a little squirmy. He had eaten not long before, so even though he was creating a bruise on my arm from sucking on my skin, I knew he wasn’t still hungry.  He also rather seemed to be pleased with me a few minutes earlier. I could tell he was tired. Knowing full well that his mom had a wrap, I asked if I could use it.

Like an old pro, I got that thing on in under a minute… I hurried because I was worried my nephew would decide (as he should) that mom would be more comfy than me.  I quickly put him into the wrap using my super-fast techniques that I talk about in this video.

And like magic, wouldn’t you know it; he was asleep in less than a minute.


Then, for the rest of my visit, I got to smell his baby scent and kiss his little baby hair and do all those annoying things that aunts usually do that irritate their nieces and nephews so bad. Only he was sleeping, and so he didn’t know.

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